If you’re like me, when you hit menopause you were confused, wondering, “Is this menopause?” Then once you were unmistakably sure, you were confused again, wondering, “What the heck do I do to stop these hot flashes (or weight gain, insomnia, brain fog, anxiety, etc.)?” 

That was me!

Being a Holistic Health Practitioner, I immediately rolled up my sleeves and went to Google. There was SO MUCH conflicting information. Eat this. Take this. Don’t eat that. Don’t take that. Quickly, I was overwhelmed by where to start and what to do. Again, I’m guessing this sounds pretty familiar to you too.

I simply began with what sounded the best to me, but it took me many months to get all the relief I was looking for. I’m game to try anything, give it a serious go, but I kept coming up short. Something would help and then the hot flashes would come back. Some things were a pain to implement and then didn’t help at all. I wasn’t sleeping, waking up sweating every night, so that didn’t help my decision-making processes.

My husband was convinced I was trying to kill him in his sleep via hypothermia, opening the window at night. By the way, I live in Aspen, Colorado, so it’s pretty much below freezing every night.

More than once, I wished for a guide, a counselor, a menopause coach to just tell me what to do!

I was totally willing to try anything, I just needed guidance on what to do – and reassurance that it would work!

That’s why I want you to consider menopause coaching. No need to repeat my mistakes. Let me be your coach! Get the right answers for you faster. Know what to do and what not to do. Take advantage of my successes and put them to work for you. I’m a crazy research geek, and I found the best solutions that got me off the wild ride of menopause symptoms. Once I found the right path, I had to put in the work, but I know you can do it too.

Here are my top suggestions to look at for relief:

#1 Diet and Nutrition

#2 Exercise and Energy Expenditure

#3 Emotional Growth and Healing

#4 Find the Gifts and Embrace the Spiritual Opportunity of Menopause for You.

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