Menopause is Better With a Supportive Sisterhood

Together We Can Change the Way We Experience Menopause

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A Safe Space to Find Symptom Relief & Open Up

Answer this honestly: are you talking about your dryness, annoying spouse and lack of sex drive with your friends?

I’ll take a wild guess and bet that you’re cringing inwardly thinking about sharing those all-too-personal details with anyone.

But wouldn’t it be great if the only person you were having those conversations with wasn’t your foggy brain, right?

Women often disclose only the details around the commonly discussed culprits of menopause, but we have almost nowhere to turn when we really need to get the delicate stuff out in the open.

That’s why I created a group coaching program to give women a place to talk openly, gain support and find the tools to reduce symptoms of menopause – together. My group coaching program is a safe environment for you to heal and feel like yourself again.

Say goodbye to just “dealing with it” alone, and hello to coaching and ongoing support from a sisterhood of sage women just like YOU. Together, we’ll help you take the right steps towards feeling better.

I have worked with Sheridan Semple in several health related groups. I found her to be a wealth of knowledge when I had questions, and a great source of support when I needed it. She is excellent at educating you on what’s happening and what to expect. Having Sheridan’s support helped me to be successful in my goals.

Berkeley Smith

This 8 Week Program is designed to provide you with:

Understanding of how to heal yourself

Strategies to maintain your health

Coaching to help you get back to feeling inspired and powerful

Support from a community of women through a thriving Facebook group and weekly Zoom calls

Accountability to stay on track with your goals

Through weekly group coaching via Zoom, we’ll set clear goals that will help you find relief quickly.

I’ll provide you with information, supplement recommendations and simple tips that are easy to follow and align with your lifestyle.

PLUS – you’ll also receive weekly motivational emails to keep you on track and provide you with bonus information in between our coaching sessions. Throughout the program, you’ll have unlimited access to me via email and our Facebook group will be YOUR shame-free space to turn to for support with anything you’re going through.


This Program Includes:

Nutrition Education: What Foods You Really Need

Essential Oil Basics: How to Use Oils Medicinally

Emotional Awareness and Self-Sabotage

Tuning In and Creating a Spiritual Practice

Owning Your Worth

How To Move Your Body to Support Wellness

Connecting Back to Nature

Owning Your Most Powerful Version of You!

$499 for the Group Program

Maximum of 10 Women

Sheridan leads dynamic discussion and readily shares her extensive knowledge on health and nutrition. Upon rare occasion she may not have an immediate answer but will return with information regarding specific questions of the group.

Being in a group was a motivator for me. The dynamics of the group were supportive and helped me stay the course.

Donna Keelty

Feeling Good Doesn’t Have To Be Years Away

Simple steps you can take TODAY that will help you find relief and feel better.