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Don’t Miss Out On The Next Evolution of You

Right now, menopause doesn’t seem to be cutting you a break. You’re constantly at war with your mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia and you’re cursing this unexpected weight gain.

You’re feeling frustrated with doctors who tell you that there isn’t much you can do about it, because “these things happen to women your age”.

Not to mention that the world does an excellent job at making us believe that menopausal women are “expired”, and way past their prime. You’re constantly thinking about how you can stubbornly hang on to some semblance of youth, and feeling like you’re all dried up is not helping.

You can take all the hormones and supplements in the world to feel “normal” again, but you know deep down that there’s gotta be a better way.

Your Journey Is Just Beginning

There is true power in this transition, if you create mindful space to own it. Together, I can show you how to heal yourself and reconnect with your body so that you can journey into wise womanhood with renewed strength and clarity.

Through my one-on-one coaching program, you’ll find relief from your symptoms and tune into your femininity in a new way – by feeling better in your daily life, improving your personal relationships, owning your true worth and freeing yourself from all the negativity and societal taboo weighing you down.

Your path to purpose starts here.

Sheridan has taught me that it’s about taking small steps to reprogram our habits that have huge impacts and beneficial results for our bodies and mind.  And with that, she has provided me with much relief.  She is able to specify the exact source of problems and remediate them with programs that resonate with my life style. We are able to track progress and continue to set goals together. It is obvious that her endless passion for nutrition, self care and health supports my unique journey towards optimizing my well being.

Sarah DeStefano

A Natural Approach to Menopause

An 8 Week Program to Help You Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit

This 8 Week Program is designed to provide you with the skills, tools and ongoing understanding of how to heal yourself. You’ll emerge feeling inspired, powerful, healthy and ready to take life by the reins.

Our one-on-one sessions will take place weekly via Zoom, where we’ll set clear goals that will help you improve your symptoms and find relief quickly. I’ll give you easy-to-implement tips, strategies and supplements that align with your lifestyle.

Here’s what the 8 Week Program includes:

Individual Sessions: The Basics – Intake Consultation & Written Program

This is where we get to the root of what’s really going on with you. During your initial consult, we’ll explore your full health history, discuss your symptoms and your goals for what you want to achieve during our time together.

After our session, you’ll receive a customized written program that includes suggestions for your nutrition, hydration, lubrication (AKA how to get juicy again!), exercise, weight management, supplements, essential oils and how you can implement it. You’ll walk away feeling energized and ready to start making easy changes to start alleviating your symptoms.

4 Week Program: The Physical – How To Move Your Body To Support Wellness

We’ll begin focusing on how to overcome your symptoms by implementing a nutritional plan and essential oil regimen to help you start feeling better as soon as possible. You’ll start learning what foods you need to add or eliminate from your diet, how essential oils can be a part of your healing process and gain clarity on how to make tangible shifts in your lifestyle.

We heal and balance the body through a combination of diet, exercise and essential oils (your supplements).

During this phase, you’ll also start understanding how menopause can serve as an opportunity to begin a new spiritual journey. You’ll find yourself finally taking more personal time for yourself and learning how to trust your body again.

8 Week Program: The Emotional & Spiritual – Being The Sage

We’ll dig deep into the mindfulness that menopause can bring into our lives and learn to leverage it for powerful transformation. Menopause can be a special and spiritual journey for all women, if we’re open to receiving the intuitive gifts it brings us.

This phase begins with tackling our tendency to resist and sabotage our mind and body, and eases into overcoming our objections and understanding of what menopause and femininity is “supposed” to be.

You’ll learn how to start connecting deeply with yourself and redefine womanhood in order to navigate the next phase of your life with intention. Menopause is a rite of passage, and we all need time to accept that. When you’re ready, I’ll also provide you with the guidance you need to create your own practice of spirituality.

At the end of our 8 weeks together, you’ll emerge as the wise woman you’re meant to be – grounded, purposeful and ready to create the next chapter of your life.

To learn more about how this process can help you truly feel better, schedule a 20 minute complimentary session.

Work With Me

Want to go through the whole 8 Session Program or only need parts of it?

I offer three one-on-one coaching packages to help you get the relief you need, with a plan that works best for you:

Option 1. Individual Consultations

  • One-on-one individual consultation to review your symptoms, history and lifestyle
  • Receive a custom holistic health program to get you on track to healing yourself

Cost: $249 per session

 Option 2. Consultation & Addressing Your Physical Symptoms

  • 4 Week Program Focusing on The Physical
  • Everything from Option 1, plus…
  • Overcome your symptoms by implementing your nutritional plan and essential oil regimen
  • Gain clarity on how to make tangible shifts in your lifestyle

Cost: $799  (save $197)

 Option 3. Body, Mind & Spirit

  • 8 Week Program Focusing on The Physical, Mental and Spiritual
  • Everything from Option 1 and 2, Plus…
  • Participate in the full 8-week program, where I help you overcome your physical symptoms, emotional blocks and cultivate your own practice of spirituality
  • Discover the gifts menopause: what it has to offer you, uncovering what you want out of the second half of your life, and ultimately living your life’s purpose with wisdom and certainty.

Cost: $1199  (Best Value Save $793, only $149 per session)

Sheridan helped me figure out my sensitivities and how to help myself change the patterns. I appreciate that she works outside the box and caters to my individual needs. I love the oils! Her suggestions had an immediate positive impact. She gets right back to me with questions or concerns and really wants to see me feeling better physically and emotionally. She’s one special individual.

Kelly Hart

Maintain A Healthy You

In addition to one-on-one coaching for menopause and hormone imbalance, I offer an ongoing maintenance package to help you maintain optimal health.

With monthly coaching and emotional, physical and lifestyle check-ins, you’ll be able to maintain your health long into the future. You’ll also be eligible to receive discounts on supplements and receive access to special promotions. Purchased in three, six and twelve month increments, my maintenance packages can help you focus on who you want to be for years to come.

To learn more, schedule a session.

Feeling Good Doesn’t Have To Be Years Away

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