The metamorphic eclipse portal opens tonight! Time to consciously choose transformation. Opt in to purposely grow through a shamanic death and rebirth experience. Courageously intend to “die” to a part of yourself that is no longer working. Make space for new life to grow.

From tonight’s full moon lunar eclipse through the new moon solar eclipse on April 8, we are officially in the eclipse window. Eclipse season offers a profound opportunity for rapid growth and transmutation. The sun, moon and earth are exactly aligned, opening a synergy between spirit, soul and matter respectively. How will you take advantage of this cosmic chance? 

Tonight’s Libra full moon is a penumbral lunar eclipse, moving through the outer edge of the earth’s shadow. You might notice only a slight dimming of the full moon, if even that. Storm-wise, it’s not looking good for us to see it at all sadly, but I’ll never complain about getting snow. As my husband says, “Colorado has one job to do. Fill the rivers.” The eclipse is still happening regardless, so tune into the vibes of the moon moving touching the earth’s shadow.

Eclipses are special events, not only to view, but energetically as well. Keep reading below to understand how I like to use the energy.

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