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You Don’t Have To Feel Lost Or Unsure of Yourself

Women have been connected to the Earth and the Cosmos for centuries – long before you and I got here. It’s in our DNA, our cells, and our blood to be grounded into the natural cycles around us. We too can find meaning through connecting to nature and the sky. 

You don’t have to wonder if there’s something more to this life for you. You don’t have to feel paralyzed trying to guess which direction is right for you to take. You don’t have to live feeling disconnected from your Spirit.

How do you know your divine plan? Especially when you’ve spent your entire life putting everyone else first? Now is your time. You’re finally ready to focus on YOU.

You’re in the right place.

I’ve been through all the questions and discontent that comes with our modern life myself, and I know firsthand just how confusing it can feel to know you’re meant for more.

I was lucky to find the earth’s medicine in aromatherapy many years ago. That set me on a path to connecting with the plants and trees, and with the earth herself that started me on a journey of awakening and self-healing.

That journey ultimately lead me to Alchemical Astrology where I found my life’s purpose and work in the world. This changed my life experience from feeling totally lost to knowing even the hard times serve this invaluable purpose, the evolution of my Soul. There is nothing like knowing why you’re here and then living it.

Beginning to consciously connect with your Soul, through the earth and sky, is a powerful experience that will change how you view yourself as a woman. You emerge feeling connected to yourself, your purpose and embrace where you’re at in your life no matter what because it all has meaning and a purpose.

That’s why I made it my mission to share a more cosmic approach to life with other women, to show them how they could find their Soul’s intended plan and use this life to step into a new definition of femininity as sages in their own right.

The time to stop questioning yourself and letting confusion impact you negatively is NOW – and I believe you can do it on your terms, with a personalized spiritual plan and an Alchemical Astrology reading that puts you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Yes it was so nice to learn a bit about the shamanic way of reading a chart and relating that back to the human. My favorite part of it is that it’s grounded in earth knowledge. We’re all primal residents of this planet and only for a blink of time. While I’m here I’m on a mission to best connect with it.

M. Dunn

I always say that the earth saved me.

In fact, I believe it can save just about anyone, no matter what they’re going through. Since I was four years old, I’ve walked in the mountains of Aspen regularly. I connected to the plants and trees from an early age and that interaction has carried me through some of the most challenging times in my life.

I know firsthand how aligning ourselves with our indigenous ways brings us into communion with the natural cycles we are a part of. Consciously connecting to the natural world around us provides insight and meaning to our lives, just as it did for our ancestors. We aren’t any different. We’ve just forgotten ourselves.

Helping others in a deep, meaningful way to use the earth and the sky to find themselves has always been my calling.

Whether through communing with plant spirit medicine in Spiritual Aromatherapy, or through understanding themselves and their Soul’s intent through Alchemical Astrology, I’ve been fortunate to make positive lasting impacts on women’s lives.

Time and time again, I am amazed by the ways that connecting to nature and the cosmos can heal us and lead us to the path we came here to walk. It’s not always an easy or carefree journey, but when we understand the intent we can walk with consciousness and purpose knowing we’re doing exactly what we came here to do. That’s powerful! 

By combining spiritual grade essential oils (the cleanest, purest and highest vibration ones – not the kind that you can buy in the grocery store…) with Alchemical Astrology, I realized I could help women find their true purpose and live it – with an ancestral and love-filled approach that makes them feel seen and validates their inner knowing, their Soul connection to themselves. 

More than that, I believe consciously connecting to your Soul, the earth and the cosmos provides an opportunity to reflect upon what else is happening in your life, and open a spiritual window of sorts – there’s likely a deeper purpose to your current experience, and understanding how to work with it can help you become the Wise Woman you know you are, ready to take life by her own reins.

Through my Alchemical Astrology readings and Spiritual Aromatherapy programs, I’ll help you create the life you know you were meant to live! 

Without Sheridan’s help I would be desperate!! You have worked wonders, I am so grateful – your knowledge and treatments have enormously improved my quality of life – thank you Sheridan – I would recommend you to all of my friends and family!

Arabella B

I work with individuals, couples or small groups

You can connect with me by scheduling an initial session to look at your chart to discover your Soul’s intent for your lifetime.

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Sheridan’s Bio

I grew up in the mountains of Aspen, where I discovered my love for the outdoors and how we can be inspired by nature. By trade, I am an Alchemical Astrologer, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Clinical Aromatherapist (CCA) and Clinical Nutritionist (CNC). I use my experience with the physical, emotional and spiritual realms to teach people how to find themselves, their paths and connect with their Soul’s original intent for coming here this lifetime from within.

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