Dive in feet first. Ground yourself. Get present and drop into your body. Now is the time, as the energies are all about Taurus at the moment. Taurus inspires us to become aware of the here and now, our immediate experience and the world of earthly delights we enjoy with our senses. 

Taurus is the most grounded and embodied sign of the zodiac. Taurus requests that we relish being in our bodies. Feeling pleasure within our sensual bodies is Taurus’ superpower. Smell the spring scent of the sun drying the muddy, wet earth. Feel the fleeting warmth of the strengthening sun on your bare skin (between snowstorms of course). Taste the bitter greens slowly emerging from winter. See the bright-colored daffodils and tulips bursting forth from the composted humus. That’s all Taurus wants to do, savor in the corporeal beauty of life.