I knew from the beginning I wasn’t going to do hormone replacement therapy during menopause. No matter what. It wasn’t even an option.

In my twenties I tried the birth control pill and it wigged me out so badly that I knew hormonal drugs were not for me. Plus, I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner, so I knew I had to put my money where my mouth was, and girl am I glad I did. It wasn’t like I had perimenopause all easy, hot flashes and insomnia for months on end, but those symptoms and my commitment to do it au naturel taught me so much and saved me in the end.

I want to show you how those nagging symptoms are actually your new best friends. I know that sounds insane, but bear with me a moment, and I’ll explain one of my key secrets to using menopause to your benefit and growth that will take you way beyond menopause. You’re feeling crappy anyway, so make menopause work for you!

Your symptoms are gifts.

Yes, you read that right, your hot flashes, weight gain, anxiety, dryness and even weight gain are gifts. Those symptoms are telling you EXACTLY what isn’t working right in your life. They are tapping you on the shoulder, pointing out what hasn’t been working for a long time despite your seeming to get away with it until now. Your menopause symptoms are giving you an opportunity to save your life. I actually mean that.

The genius of your symptoms is they’re showing you and motivating you to heal what’s broken, what’s not been dealt with. They are doing a great job bringing light to where you need to shift and grow. Addressing menopause, or any issue, holistically offers you this opportunity because you don’t take a pill that masks the symptoms. The issue doesn’t go away, it just gets buried under the carpet, waiting to trip you up at some later date. Using hormone replacement therapy is a great example of this.

For starters, HRT doesn’t always immediately fix your symptoms. It takes some trial and error to get the dosages right. If you’ve ever taken thyroid medication, you know exactly what I mean. You often have to ride a roller coaster before you get to kick back on the lazy river ride and chill. The problem is taking pharmaceutical hormones, including bio-identical ones (they are made in a lab too) don’t address why your hormones are out of balance in the first place. The truth is taking hormones doesn’t heal hormonal imbalances. They are just a pill or pills and creams sweeping your hormonal symptoms under the rug.

If you take hormones, you miss the ability to heal yourself and what is really going wrong, which saves you down the road, maybe even literally your life.

Major disease rarely happens in a vacuum. You don’t magically, overnight, develop disease. There are people exposed to chemicals, etc. that this does happen for, but for the majority of us, stuff has been going wrong subtly (then not so subtly) for a while as the disease develops.

Taking hormones or any drug to mask your experience of your symptoms, doesn’t heal you at all. It lulls you into a sense that you’re healed, but that’s it. You aren’t. Why are your hormones imbalanced to begin with? That’s the beauty of symptoms and working through menopause holistically. The symptoms motivate you to heal and you keep sifting through your life to find the next layer of the onion that needs healing. Which sets you up for true health and healing for the next half of your life. The half, I might add where s&*t starts to really go wrong.

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