Emotions can be super intense both good and bad. They can completely overwhelm us and literally hijack our entire day or week, or more, challenging us to deal with our emotions and daily lives at the same time. It is hard to know what to do to help ourselves when we are going through difficult times emotionally. So, we often stuff things just to keep functioning. We have obligations in our lives that need our attention, but do we go back later and actually face those emotions and release those feelings we stuffed? Or do we just keep on truckin’ and wonder where that headache just came from or that lung infection?

Emotions have an impact on just about every area of our bodies (there are endless books on the subject if you need more validation). And, when we stuff emotions because we just have to get through our work day or get the kids to soccer practice those emotions don’t just magically go away or evaporate into the ether. They stick with us, get stored, and hang out in little nooks and crannies all over our bodies. Later, when our next symptom arises we don’t even associate it with the “old” emotion and have no idea how much those stuffed emotions are weakening our cells and tissues.

So, how do we go back and get that junk out? And, for many of us why do we even want to? Well, it just might be the key to your migraines, IBS, or asthma. Amazing isn’t it? And, motivating too!

Essential oils help us release those stored emotions, while helping us process current emotions better too. They work double duty on the past and the present at the same time. Yay for essential oils! Many people have studied where emotions are felt and get stored, and the areas literally cover the entire body from the brain to glands to the immune system to the DNA of the cells in the body. Luckily for us different essential oils have a huge impact on all those different areas of the body too.

From smells directly impacting the brain and memories, to our limbic systems (our reptilian brain that simply reacts) to our immune system in our guts, to our endocrine glands and nervous system expressing what we are feeling, essential oils can help and support you to release and get over whatever is ailing you. I was taught that essential oils literally go into the RNA of the cells and begin to release the emotions straight out of the cells.

I see clients come to me for a specific ailment and then find themselves detoxing old emotions as part of the healing process. It’s always temporary, so don’t worry, and they feel so much better, clearer, more at peace, and experience less symptoms for going through it.

Some essential oils cross the blood brain barrier, like frankincense or sandalwood, and can impact the brain directly. Others calm our nervous systems, like lavender or chamomile. Some are grounding to help us process our emotions better, like spruces or firs. Many are uplifting and bring us joy, like the citruses or sages. Ginger and cinnamon help with anger. And, all the flowers bring feelings of love; isn’t that nice?!?

Stuffed emotions cannot be overlooked in any holistic health plan, as anything chronic always has an emotional component that needs to be addressed for complete healing to occur. Better out than in! So, work to release those stored emotions. Or better yet, let yourself process your emotions as they come up and let that energy move through your body and out. I know, easier said than done, but I love to use essential oils to help and support me as I go through anything old or new.

Wondering what emotions you might have stored in your cells? Make an appointment with me for a Bioscan and let’s find out! Plus, we can discover which essential oils work the best for you and what you have going on. Click here to contact me for an appointment.