It’s America’s birthday on Thursday. The United States is having its solar return.

Did you realize our country is a Cancer?

The U.S. (and the rest of us) experience a solar return around our birthdays. That’s when the sun returns to the exact location in the sky as it was when we were born. It’s time to celebrate our births. We arrived on the planet and took our first breath! Simultaneously, it’s an occasion that naturally brings reflection — another year older and one more revolution around the sun.

A solar return offers personal ponderance. Why are we here? Do we like where we’re at? Are we heading in the direction we ultimately want?

On July 4, 1776, the sun was in Cancer, so that’s our country’s astrological sign. Cancer represents the archetypal energy of the healthy mother. She shows us what unconditional love feels like. With her constant maternal nurturing, she helps us to grow into our best selves. She feeds us with affection and comfort. Providing a safe space for us to grow, she encourages us to go outside, unsupervised, to learn and explore who we are. These are the ideals, astrologically speaking, that the U.S. was originally founded upon, even if those white patriarchal dudes weren’t mindful of that.

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