It’s that time of year again, where we sheepishly try to make up for our holiday debauchery with a solid intention to turn over a new leaf… tomorrow.

That’s it, tomorrow is a new day, a new year and gosh darn it, we’re going to undo our holiday habits, heck all of last year. We’re committed, we’re in 100%, we’re so full of hope. I’m all for setting goals and making changes that help us be all we can be. The problem lies in keeping that excitement going when the rubber meets the road. It’s so easy to set New Year’s resolutions, but it can be so hard to follow through on them. You may already be pushing your start date back to January 2nd, because tomorrow you’re going to be hung over and needing a big greasy breakfast and maybe a little hair of the dog.

What’s a “really want to change my evil ways” person to do?

Start small. Don’t set all your hopes on changing every. single. thing. come the 2nd. Pick your most pressing issue, the one that keeps you feeling like crap about yourself. For example weight loss, always a top resolution seller. Don’t make your resolution to start exercising every day, stop eating all junk food, and not drink anymore ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It sounds great on paper, but it is impossible to accomplish (unless going to live on a deserted island with nothing to eat but greens and nothing to do but exercise is on the resolution list too).

You’re still going to be you tomorrow, living in the same circumstances, with the same lifestyle habits tomorrow. There’s no magic wand-waving New Year’s fairy who turns your whole mindset around come midnight. Heck, you’ll probably still be partying it up at 12.

Start small doesn’t mean no changes, but we’re trying to make those changes stick, without throwing the towel in on January 3rd. If weight loss is your resolution, pick 1-2 things you can actually implement on a regular basis in.

Choose things that feel like a little stretch, but feel doable for the long haul. Maybe it’s exercise 3 times a week. Maybe it’s stop eating sugar during the work week (you’d actually be surprised how much not eating sugar alone would make you lose weight!). Maybe it’s stopping drinking wine every night and just having a glass or two on the weekends only. Only you will know what your main vice is that puts the weight on, and tackle that in a way that feels manageable.

Another way to go is adding healthy stuff in, like eating more vegetables and green stuff, if a health goal is your resolution. Taking walks instead of having to pound it out at the gym. Drinking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day. It’s amazing how much small health additions make it easier to forgo some of the habits you want to let go of.

Pack in rewards (not junk food) if you meet your small goals each week.

Treat yourself to a massage, buy new workout tights, or spluge on a guilty pleasure – my husband likes trashy magazines.

It doesn’t have to always be about weight loss. It could be to stop smoking, start meditating or just simply be nicer. I’m working on stressing out less. I’ve noticed that I stress out waaay more than is necessary, so that’s my resolution goal, to give my precious adrenals a well deserved break. What am I doing? I’m adding more protein into my diet daily. I’m using essential oils to balance my brain chemistry (Artemisia and Frankincense) and to support my adrenals (Cedarwood and Spruce). I’m taking time after my morning meditation to work on healing the little part that freaks out over everything. I’m skipping sugar too, as that works over my adrenals every time.

Happy New Years to you! Here’s to some small tweaks in your lifestyle that lead to year-long changes that support you in being who you really want to be in this life, more of who you really are and less of a slave to habits that hold you back.