Before I dive into the upcoming June solstice on Thursday — the true start to summer — let’s talk about Herbert Bayer.

Last week, I invited myself to my husband’s press junket for the new exhibit at the Resnick Center for Herbert Bayer Studies. Bayer was instrumentally influential in shaping modern Aspen, via the Paepckes’ vision of the “Aspen Idea,” from which our “mind, body, spirit” motto originated. 

Visiting the Bayer Center inspired me to investigate Bayer’s astrological chart. I wanted to explore how this man, obviously having lived his soul path, radically impacted our lives here in Aspen today. Take a stroll around the Aspen Meadows campus, where the center is located. Marvel at the intersection where mind, body and spirit collide on the grounds that were artistically developed to cultivate this joining of intellectual stimulation with mountain beauty and spiritual wonderment.

Approaching Bayer’s natal chart, like I would any other, I looked for themes in his life path. What was he here to do and learn? Which signs were directing his growth and evolution? All his Gemini and Sagittarius immediately jumped out at me, playing a starring role in Bayer’s intended soul path. Being opposite each other, these signs are two sides of the same astrological coin. They carry an archetypal energy that is wild, brilliant and visionary. They inspire the expansion of our horizons, beyond the limited status quo, seeking the highest expressions humans can attain. Yup, check yes on that box for Bayer. Soul mission accomplished.

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