Venus Fridays!

Tune into the Divine Feminine Energy This Week!

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It’s a BIG week for the Feminine! Venus begins her rise into the evening sky! Start looking for her and the Feminine to come out of her underworld cocoon beginning on Wednesday.

Lots of changing and shifting energy within the Divine Feminine this week!

Following the Cancer New Moon today, Friday, the Moon connects with Venus and then Mercury. The Moon moves through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and then Libra before the end of the week. Venus enters Leo on Thursday.

I forgot to add aromatherapy, so I’ll write here a suggestion of Ylang Ylang as Venus enters Leo, for self love and heart opening, along with her reemergence into the evening sky, following the sunset.

Check out this week’s Venus Fridays video, covering all this for you below…

16 minutes

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Let’s look at Venus and how the Divine Feminine is expressed in your astrological chart.


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