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July is feeling mellower, astrologically speaking. There are lots of minutiae connections between the planets, especially the Moon, but let’s focus on the big items and feel a little ease with the astrology in July!

July Sky Viewing

  • Morning sky – Jupiter and Saturn
  • Evening sky – Mars and Venus (see her while you can – she’ll disappear in August)

Capricorn Full Moon – July 3

The full Moon is “out of bounds” meaning it is outside the boundaries of the Sun. This brings a wild card energy to a normally conservative Capricorn Moon. Capricorn is practical, a grandmother energy, who has been around the block and knows what’s up. She knows what works and doesn’t, thus is efficient in her energy usage. With the Moon being out of bounds we could feel a little shake up to our routines, encouraging us to get outside of our own limitations.

Celebrate your inner wildness and dance around the fire with your loved ones, sharing what you celebrate in each other for this full Moon.

Ponderosa Pine is a very Capricorn, grandmotherly, wisdom-holder essence to use for this Moon. It stands as a sentinel in our local forests.

Moon conjuncts Pluto – July 4

I don’t normally mention every Moon interaction with the planets, as the Moon touches everything in our solar system each and every month. It can be overwhelming to tune into all that energy, but I do think the Moon meeting with Pluto on Independence Day is worth a mention. We could see an illumination (Moon) of some of the shadowy aspects (Pluto) of the U.S. today, feel that hidden underbelly.

Waning Half Moon – July 9

Always a sight to see, the half Moon is losing light on its trajectory back to meet with the Sun for the upcoming new Moon. This is a time to revisit your previous Moon intention and begin reviewing and revising that goal. Any last-minute efforts you want to put into realizing last month’s vision? Look towards how you want to tweak your approaching new Moon intention next week. This last quarter Moon is in Aries, the sign of inner strength and individuality. What intention will support you in your next intention, assisting your purpose in life?

Tea Tree is an excellent essence to support the Aries protection and strength energy, helping you to connect more deeply into your mission and selfhood.

Look for Venus, so bright, in the night sky, along with Mars near the royal star Regulus tonight. Regulus is the heart of the Lion constellation, so love and heart-centering want to come into the  revisions of your intentions.

Mars enters Virgo – July 10

Seeing Mars with Regulus last night demonstrates Mars’ movement into Virgo. The Divine Masculine is moving into its druid aspect; the one who serves Spirit through a deep connection to the earth. This is a beautiful time to move with the earth, be in tune with the earth, get outside and enjoy your spiritual connection to the earth. Mars is action-oriented, so this connection is a doing, not a being energy.

Blue Spruce, our local Colorado tree is a beauty for Virgo. She helps us to ground into the earth energies and attune ourselves to the cycles of our mother earth. She encourages our spiritual connection to the earth.

Sun square Chiron – July 12

The light of our solar system brings illumination to any wounds that still need some attention. What prevents your light shining as fully as possible? Feel your feelings today and release the next layer that dims your unique and beautiful light in the world!

Lemon is a great sun-filled essential oil that helps us to shine brightly. Citrus essences make our skin more sensitive to sunlight, so use it on areas that won’t see the Sun, instead encouraging the sunshine within.

Nodes Change Signs on the Cancer New Moon – July 17

This is the big event of July! The North and South Nodes change signs from Taurus and Scorpio respectively into Aries and Libra. The nodes are where the Sun and Moon’s paths meet. They are also where eclipses happen. I think of the nodes as the connection of Spirit (Sun) and Soul (Moon).

Today they shift into signs with a focus on serving others, the cardinal signs of Aries and Libra. We are moving into greater individuality and self-focused strength and confidence. The solar system is moving in a northern direction, so the trajectory is moving towards the north node in Aries, pulling the south node in Libra in our wake. We want to focus towards that protective, warrior energy that is Aries and less on the peacemaker, relationship-focused Libra. We are learning to stand in our strength for now, in service to greater unity in the coming years when the north node moves into Pisces. Stand tall and strong for now. Build your strength and confidence in yourself.

We also have the Cancer new Moon today. It is time to set your intention for the moon-th. Cancer is nurturing. It provides loving nourishment for its clan. What intention over this month helps you to nurture yourself and others by embracing more of who you truly are?

Cinnamon Leaf is an excellent essence for Aries protector warrior energy, finding our inner strength.  

Eucalyptus Mint is a sweet essence for Cancer, helping our inner children to feel loved and supported unconditionally.

If you’re in the Aspen and Carbondale Colorado area… join me at True Nature Healing Arts for a Cancer New Moon Ceremony, Thursday, July 20, 6-7:30 PM. We’ll learn more about these new Moon energies, play with astrological aromatherapy for Cancer, set our new Moon intentions in ceremony. You can learn more about it and register here.  I’d love to see you! 

Venus enters the Soul Star Chakra – July 20

Our final chakra for this entire 19-month Venus cycle! Not only is this a beautiful, profound experience to see in the sky, when the new crescent Moon meet with Venus, it also offers an opportunity to connect with Spirit more deeply in our lives. Open to the messages and feel the love and support of the universe in your life. Tune into your divine feminine expression and just be with your beautiful self. Venus will soon move between us and the Sun, invisible to our eyes and will be reborn in the morning sky, starting a new 19-month Venus cycle in Leo!

Learn about and join our ceremonial journey with Venus by clicking here. We start in August.

White Fir is a lovely essence for the soul star chakra, opening us to deeper connections to our souls and Spirit.

Venus goes Retrograde and the Sun enters Leo – July 22

Venus and Mars are drawing closer together every night. The Moon met with Venus last night and now tonight, Mars. Watch these two planets come together over the next month before Venus turns retrograde and begins moving back towards the Sun. Venus is the feminine and Mars the masculine, coming together for more yin and yang unity.

Chiron goes Retrograde – July 23

It’s time to put a little extra focus on the healing of our wounds. What past hurts prevent your fullest expression? What pain blocks you from being all of your awesome self? Chiron retrograde is a great opportunity to pick one wound and work on healing it so you can shine your authentic soul.

Rosewood is a brilliant essence to support the healing of our inner wounds with love and kindness.

Waxing Half Moon – July 25

This growing, expanding Moon, filling with more light each night, inspires us to look back at our new Moon intention and make sure we’re still focused on this goal, still committing our energy to manifesting it, taking consistent action to support the vision we are holding for ourselves. It’s easy to forget, but the first quarter Moon reminds us to remember.

Blessings on your journey through July,




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