What?!? A spiritual opportunity? I feel like crap, how can this be spiritual? What on earth are you talking about Sheridan?

When I say spiritual, I mean menopause helps you get in touch with your spirit, your inner being, your soul. Like the hero’s journey, you have to go through some tough stuff to come out the other side. On the other side, is your radiant soul light. Menopause really is that transformative, that profound. It gives you the opportunity is to clear out the emotional debris blocking you from being who you truly are.

Albeit relentless at times, menopause provides you an incredible healing opportunity.

When I say healing, I mean it gifts you with ample opportunities to heal yourself and get rid of those blocks you’ve held in place – the obstacles that prevent you from shinning your most badass spiritual light.

I know that flies in the face of the message we get about menopause, that we’re drying up, our uterus and ovaries are now useless, that we’re getting old and yucky looking, with warts on our crone’s noses.

Menopause is actually a gift.

Yes, you read that correctly. Menopause is an empowering journey that shows you all about yourself, your beauty and warts alike. It challenges you, pushes you to the edge, and offers the greatest rewards if allowed. You’re probably still wondering if I’ve I lost my mind? How can your hot flashes, irritability, and extra fat be a gift? Well, I’ll tell you.

As you’re well aware menopause is a ride for sure, between the brain fog, surprise cycles, and insomnia it can be very disruptive to our lives and how we’ve come to know ourselves. It literally pulls the rug out from under us. It’s a transition that brings up lots of emotions, and not just the PMS kind.  Many of us feel the loss and sadness as we let go of our fertility and our youth. Again, every magazine, article we read, and doctor shaming visit often doesn’t help our cause with the barrage of messages that our lives are over.

I’m saying menopause offers the ultimate heroine’s journey. I promise all that uncomfortable stuff has a purpose.

All the symptoms you’re experiencing are your body trying to communicate with you. Everything you’ve done, not done, said, not said, stuffed, denied, eaten or drank away is coming up for re-examination and release now. I mean it, EVERYTHING. As you raised your kids (if you had them), provided a home for your family, and worked you often dealt day to day the best you could. Rocking the boat wasn’t a priority, but now that you’re moving into the second half of your life, your soul, your inner you is ready for some “me” time.

Stuff that didn’t matter last year or was easy to shove under the carpet matters now and refuses to be denied. You may find yourself blurting out what’s really on your mind, no filter, and then chalking it up to menopause irritability. But, is it? I’d wager that you’re speaking up for stuff that hasn’t been working for you for a long time. Menopause takes the filters away. Hallelujah!

Your go to coping mechanisms like food or wine are betraying you now. One dessert or glass of wine and you’re up for days with hot flashes and brain fog.

Filterless, stripped bare of all your coping mechanisms, riddled with unpleasant symptoms, your inner being is begging for your awareness and offering you the opportunity to heal. What are your symptoms teaching you? My hot flashes were about not eating sugar anymore, stopping negative thinking, and getting off the stress train I’ve lived on since childhood.

This time offers is a powerful call, one that can make or break what the next half of your life feels like. Heed the call, make some big changes now and blossom into your wise woman years with grace and beauty. Ignore and bury your head in the sand and you could find your inner being getting louder and louder. She won’t be denied any longer.