There’s LOTS of misinformation our there about essential oils! Heck, even many of the so called “experts” don’t even agree with each other! It can be frustrating at best and downright overwhelming and stop you from even going there at worst. I get it!

One of the biggest questions I answer all the time is, “Can I use essential oils for what I have going on specifically?” So, what can you use essential oils for? Short answer: ANYTHING. Literally anything you have going on be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual essential oils can help. For example…

I’ll start with what I like to call the ANTI’s. Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal (that’s yeast, mold, candida), anti-parasitic (yuck, worms – always a client crowd-pleaser) and anti-infectious. That’s a mouthful and covers all the microbes we get and deal with, meaning colds, flus, infections, respiratory problems, tummy and digestive problems, skin stuff – you get the picture.

Some essential oils are chelating, meaning they help pull heavy metals and chemicals out of your cells and tissues for elimination from your body. Who knew? Metals like mercury and chemicals like Round Up. Way yuckier than worms!

They help balance your hormones: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and don’t forget thyroid and adrenals – both hormonal glands. The coolest part is essential oils are only balancing, not additive, so they don’t make estrogen they only balance it, so you can’t create imbalance by using the oils. You can’t make your body produce too much estrogen by using sage, for example. If your’re low or you’re high in estrogen, sage is your girl to balance the estrogen out! Most people don’t know that about essential oils.

Some essential oils can cross the blood brain barrier. The what? That means they can get into the brain tissues to balance your brain chemistry, like serotonin and dopamine. Most drugs can’t even do this, and it is a huge issue pharmaceutical companies are constantly trying to solve. Ha! Oils can naturally! And for all you spiritually minded folks, crossing the blood brain barrier means an oil caN reach the pineal gland to help clear it out to bring more light into your body. How cool is that?!?

I hope you’re getting the point. You name it essential oils can help it! It’s all in the oil you choose and the way you use it.

Another bit of misunderstanding about oils that I’d like to clear up is, “Can’t I just take herbs instead?” Herbs are great, but oils are stronger and more powerful, if using true essential oils. The issue I have with herbs is you have to swallow them. They have to travel through your whole digestive system, your rigorous digestive system, full of harsh gastric juices, to get into your bloodstream where they can then go to work. Hopefully some of those herbs and supplements make it through, so you can get the benefit.

When you put the oils on your skin, the preferred method of delivery, they are absorbed and into your blood stream instantenously, and are circulating all over, within seconds. That’s fast! Did you know anything you put on your skin hits your liver within 20 seconds? So, go ahead and throw away that bargain lotion now. Essential oils do not have to go through your digestive system, so no stomach acid kill off here! Skin straight to bloodstream – BAM! And, this is why where they come from really, really matters!

Next time – let’s talk purity and answer the question, “Does it really matter where I get my essential oils?”. Yes, it really does!