The cycle started January 14

Let’s continue our exploration into this important cycle that began a few days ago.

Part 1 is available HERE.

Venus started her new 584-day (or 19 month) cycle on January 14. The cycle begins when Venus rises in the Morning Sky, ahead of the Sunrise. This is the heliacal rise of Venus.  Depending upon your latitude and horizon line, you may see Venus sooner or later than the 14th. She is a beautiful sight to see whenever you get the opportunity!

Venus is the third brightest object in the sky (after the Sun and Moon). Every culture has followed her movements and created stories to go with her motions through the sky. Venus will stay in the morning sky, ahead of the sunrise, until September 14, 2022 – exactly eight months. At that time, she will fade into the horizon and become hidden within the Sun’s bright light. Ancient people said this was the time that Venus went into the Underworld for the transmutation of death into rebirth.

Moon/Venus Conjunction and the Chakras

Each month the waning crescent Moon will get close to (conjunct) the Morning Star Venus. These conjunctions signify Venus moving through a chakra gate on her descent into the Underworld. You can use each month to move through your own chakras.

The first chakra gate, the Moon/Venus conjunction, occurs on January 29 and is the crown chakra. Focus for this month on releasing blockages or biases that prevent the fullest expression of your crown chakra and your connection to the Divine.

There are many ways to do this. A simple Google search will give you more options than you have time to do. I’ll share what I do to kick off your imagination, sans the Google search. I start by getting up early to see the Moon and Venus conjoin with my eyes. It feels so beautiful to be a part of this alignment.

I feel it in my body and know I am honoring a long-forgotten ritual. I’ll speak to Venus and the Moon and share my intentions for this month. Something along the lines of, “Please guide me and help me to clear my connection to Spirit” will do. You may want to focus on addressing any misperceptions you picked up in childhood around God/Goddess that twist your communion. Anything focused on your crown chakra is the idea.

I add an object or picture to my altar that reminds me, on a regular basis, to keep cleansing my crown chakra. I like to wear amethyst. You might want to wear violet clothing, put up violet post it notes with your intention, do crown chakra toning or frequency meditations (there’s an abundance on YouTube). Let your imagination go wild!

All that matters is your unique communion with Venus, Moon and this chakra.

Next month, on February 27, Venus will continue her descent into the Underworld by moving through the third-eye chakra gate. What needs clearing for you to perceive fully? Or, conversely, is anything distorted in your perceptions? Start again, with going out to see Venus and the crescent Moon in the morning sky, ahead of the sunrise.

Share with them your intentions for clearing your third-eye chakra, over the coming month. Throw on some indigo tops, add a reminder to your altar, put up some notes to bring your attention to your brow chakra throughout the month. An image of an Indian woman with a bindi would help me remember.

Following Venus, like your ancestors did, is a powerful way to commune with the Sky and yourself. It inspires a journey to reclaim your connection to the Earth and Sky. Ceremonially participating with the cycles of the cosmos encourages a return to your ancestral roots, to the knowledge still present in your DNA that you are a part of the greater whole around and within you.

Following the Venus cycle is a powerful way to begin or deepen this voyage back into wholeness.

Get up early. Find Venus in the Morning Sky. Talk to her. Share your secret longings for yourself with her. Consciously travel through your chakras with her, month after month, focusing on one at a time and letting go of one thing that distorts each chakra within you. By the time you reach the Underworld in September you will be a changed human.

Seeing these Moon/Venus conjunctions will fill you with awe and reverence. You’ll feel the power of your ancestors coursing through your blood and bones. It will be a remembering in your entire being of a time when you were profoundly connected to the universe around you. It will bring tears to your eyes, as you start the journey home again.

We all benefit from your guiding light when you begin to remember who you truly are. Welcome back!

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