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October brings us another eclipse season. We have solar and lunar eclipses. Venus moves into Virgo and reaches her greatest distance from the Sun from our view. Mercury meets with the Sun. And, we end the month with seasonal celebration of Samhain.

October Sky Viewing

  • Morning sky – Venus
  • Evening sky – Saturn
  • All night – Jupiter

Venus enters Virgo – October 8

Look for Venus in the morning sky, aligned with the royal star Regulus, this morning and tomorrow morning. Regulus, the heart of the Lion constellation, marks the beginning of the sign Virgo.

Venus moves into Virgo today, after four months in Leo. That’s a long time for Venus to stay in one sign. This only occurs at the end and start of a new Venus cycle, when she does her retrograde loop.

Our Divine Feminine planet is moving into her priestess aspect, looking for the patterns in the earth. Her sacred job is to bring us mere mortals into greater alignment with Spirit and Earth. This is an excellent time to ground and connect into the Earth. Take notice of what you see happening around you with the plants and trees, the animals and birds.

Sagebrush – our local native shrub helps us ground into the spiritual aspects of Virgo.

Venus moves through the Third Eye Chakra – Oct 10

Venus meets with the crescent Moon and we move through a month of clearing our third eye chakras. What is blocking your sight, your intuition, your vision? Set an intention for this month to release one distortion to your fully seeing through your third eye.

Pluto stations direct today too, supporting our third eye focused transformations.

Juniper – another local tree, helps us to see with greater clarity.

Libra Solar Eclipse and New Moon – Oct 14

So exciting! We have a partial solar eclipse here in Colorado. If you travel to Utah, you can see the full eclipse. If you want to see if you can see it wherever you are clicking here.  This new Moon aligns exactly with the Sun creating the eclipse. Mostly, the Moon aligns with the Sun for the new Moon either a little above or below the actual Sun, so we do not have an eclipse.

This is a very special Libra new Moon because it is an eclipse. Eclipses offer us an opportunity for quick transformation, transmutation of something within that wants change. It doesn’t necessarily happen all at once, but this is an excellent time to tune in and listen to what is needing change within.

Let your intuition and soul speak to you during the eclipse. Be guided into a greater awareness of something that is holding you back. Set an intention to begin shifting away from that lower vibratory state to a higher one. This is what eclipses offer, an alchemically supported metamorphosis energy.

Black Pine – helps us to stay grounded as we traverse an underworld initiatory process.

If you are in the Aspen or Carbondale, Colorado area, join me at True Nature for a Libra New Moon Ceremony, Thursday, October 19, 6-7:30 PM. We’ll be in the heart of eclipse season, and we’ll set intentions around the personal transformations we are making. We’ll play with astrological aromatherapy for Libra too. You can learn more about it and register here.  I’d love to see you!

Mercury Cazimi – Oct 19

On the heels of this transformative solar eclipse, still within the eclipse window, Mercury meets exactly with the Sun. This is called cazimi, “in the heart of the Sun”. Let our consciousness and awareness planet meeting with our spiritual light planet help guide you into a deeper connection with your intuition, your guides, your soul.

Sun square Pluto – Oct 21

This is more of the same supportive energy, holding our hands through the eclipse season transformative time. Spirit squares off with the underworld composting energies. Just allow the light and the dark to help you grow and change.

Venus at Maximum Elongation – Oct 23

Go out in the early morning light to see Venus. She is the farthest she’s getting from the Sun today.

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Oct 28

The Moon will pass through part of the Earth’s shadow today. It isn’t visible everywhere, but we are still experiencing the energy. The full Moon closes this particular eclipse window, so we want to have declared our intentions for our growth and change by now. Our souls will keep working and supporting us behind the scenes, encouraging our follow through on the change this alchemical time has offered to us.

Samhain – Oct 31

Happy Halloween and Samhain! This is the popular time to do ceremony for this holi-day. We honor the darkening of the year in the northern hemisphere and dive into the shadow, knowing it is a vital part of the whole. Let the darkness be your friend that offers you rest and rejuvenation.

Vetiver – this long root that grows deep into the ground is always a faithful guide through the dark, helping us clear and cleanse.


Wishing you well on your journey through October,



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