Taking care of ourselves is so layered, isn’t it? It’s not as simple as not drinking so much or cutting back on sugar and bread. Not that those are so simple for most of us! Holistic care, taking care of ourselves from a holistic perspective, really means looking at all aspects of our lives. It’s not just what goes in our mouths, but includes really what comes out of them too, for example. What I mean by that is your emotional and mental states, not just the physical, matter too. The best diet in the world isn’t going to fix being negative and judgmental all the time. If you’re reading this and are now judging yourself for being judgmental… stop! That’s not helping either! We’re usually the hardest on ourselves right? One finger points out while 3 point right back at us kind of stuff. Likewise, being the most happy and spiritual person in the whole wide world won’t fix a crap diet either.

The path to holistic health, complete well-rounded health, means looking at every area of our lives to see what is going great and what could use some attention. This doesn’t mean being perfect at all. Yuck, perfect is stressful and negative stress isn’t on the path to holistic health for sure. So, if you’re not loving exactly where you’re at in this moment take a look at all the areas of your life: relationships, work, home, exercise, spirituality, stress, diet, emotions, money, mental states, etc. Yes, it might be that your diet could use some elevating, but are all the other areas totally dialed in?

And, here’s another thing I truly believe in this day and age that we’re going to have to heal ourselves. I mean it. All the doctors, alternative practitioners or spiritual advisers can’t do the work for us. We’ve got to do it for ourselves. And, that means if something I say or anyone else says to you doesn’t feel right or ring true for you, for your individual body and life, then trust yourself. Always, 100%! I hereby give you unlicensed permission to trust yourself and what works for you. Yes, check in with yourself and see if you’re uncomfortable because this new info is butting up against some old attachments you have or is foreign to you. Keep an open mind and be willing to grow, but at the end of the day no one lives in your body, your life, except for you, so you’re hands down the expert on you. Go with it!

You’ve got to figure out you on your own ultimately. I want you to know what’s right for you and what’s not down in your cells, in your heart. It can take some practice to get get there with confidence, so might as well start right now. Next time you have a feeling and begin to doubt yourself, don’t! You can get a little added booster by seeing a holistic health practitioner, like me, but you’re the one who’s got to live it, put it into practice, and make the sacrifices to get you to where YOU want to go, cuz it’s all about you!

I write this health blog to spark ideas for you, teach you what I know and what I learn, but you’ve got to sort through what I (and everyone else out there) say and lean into you. It can be intimidating, but no one’s got your back like you do. Certainly not the government agencies watching over our food and drug supplies. Certainly not the pharmaceutical companies. Certainly not the doctor who doesn’t listen to you. Certainly not the certified holistic health coach who only cares about selling you tons of expensive supplements you need a spreadsheet to keep track of. And, even not your closest loved ones who really have no idea what is going on inside you. It’s up to you and only you. Find some teachers and a practitioner you relate to, who listens to you and is there to solely support your self-healing process, and find your own internal holistic healthcare inside.