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The biggest astrological deal in September is the beginning of the new Venus cycle! Venus has risen into the morning sky. She is in the Morning Star phase of her 19-month long series. It is the beginning of the journey, and this brings a fiery aspect to the Feminine right now. She’s up. She’s pumped. She’s ready and raring to go. Just like the eastern dawn light that begins the day, this initial period is characterized by new beginnings, awakening, and awareness. What intentions do you have around your feminine expression for the next eight months? Mercury is still retrograde, so keep tuning into your creative sides. There is double support for this with the Leo Venus cycle and Mercury retrograde, so get your creativity on!

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September Sky Viewing

  • Morning sky – Venus and Jupiter
  • Evening sky – Jupiter and Saturn are both up for most of the night and early morning

Moon meets Mars – Sept 1

Mars will be dropping out of the evening sky at the end of September, so looking for the newly waning Moon near Mars tonight is worth checking out. Mars our Divine Masculine planet is headed into the underworld, where we can’t see him, traveling on the other side of the Sun from us. This is an opportunity for looking into the shadow side of the Masculine within and doing some composting of the unhealthy aspects that don’t support our life path.

Venus stations Direct – Sept 3

Venus ends her retrograde cycle, signaling the beginning of her 8-month descent down to the underworld. Following the oldest myth we have in writing (which is about the Venus cycle) we begin a journey through the chakra gates. Each month when the waning crescent Moon meets with Venus we descend through a chakra, from the crown to the root.

Ylang Ylang is a great essential oil to use for this entire 8-month descent cycle. It opens our hearts and helps us to stay with the clearing and cleansing this part of the cycle inspires.  

Moon and Jupiter together – Sept 4

Jupiter stations retrograde, traveling with the Moon tonight. Our bright, expansive planet slows down, giving us time to consciously connect into what we want those focused, expansive energies to enlarge inside our lives.

Waning Half Moon – Sept 6

The Gemini half Moon, during Mercury retrograde, asks us what perceptions are no longer serving us. What are we ready to shift as we approach the upcoming Virgo new Moon?

Ho Wood calms the mental chatter that can overwhelm Gemini at times and supports our getting to the core of what we are ready to release and embrace.

Moon meets with Venus at the Crown Chakra gate – Sept 11

Following the myth of Inanna, we come to our first chakra gate on our descent. First, this is an incredible sight to see in the morning sky. Look for them this morning and tomorrow to see. Second, use this month to clear something that blocks your connection to Spirit through your crown chakra. For this morning star descent time, we clear and cleanse our chakras. When we reach the evening star ascent time, we reclaim and empower our chakras. Set your intention for whatever you’re wanting to clear from your crown over this month, until the Moon meets with Venus again in October.

White Sage is a powerful essence to use for clearing and cleansing our crowns.

Virgo New Moon – Sept 14

The Moon and Sun meet in the priestess archetype of Virgo. We are called to drop into what is sacred in our lives. How do we commune with the Spirit? How do we heed our Soul’s calling. This is what the Virgo new Moon asks of us. Set your intention for this new Moon cycle. What is one step you could focus on, for this one month, that brings you into closer alignment with you Soul? Virgo is powerful stuff!

Blue Spruce our native Colorado state tree is a beautiful essential oil that brings us into the vibration of Virgo’s earthly priestess energies. It is perfect to use as we move into the autumnal equinox as well, honoring the sacredness of our Mother Earth.

Mercury goes Direct – Sept 15

Phew! Just kidding. Mercury retrograde is a beautiful opportunity. Now we move back into that left-brain, linear, doing mode again with our planet of perception and communication.

Fennel is long associated with Mercury. It helps us to see better, both physically and spiritually.

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September Equinox – Sept 22

The Sun enters Libra, and we move into a new seasonal cycle. It is time to celebrate the harvest in community, connecting in with each other. Libra thrives on personal relationships. The Equinox cues that time of the year where we connect with our communities in these last rays of the light before we turn to the darkness of winter once again. It is the waning part of the yearly cycle. Time to reflect, appreciate ourselves and each other, and begin tuning into what we are letting go of in service of stepping more fully into our Soul’s calling.

Rabbit Brush our local autumnal shrub with deep gold flowers is a beautiful essence to celebrate the Equinox. She is known to protect us and helps us connect into a soft aura of love.

Moon meets with Saturn – Sept 26 & 27

Check out the waxing Moon highlighting Saturn in the evening and early morning skies.

Aries Full Moon – Sept 29

We end September with the full Moon. Time for celebration! Aries encourages us to individuate and step into our strengths so we can serve others with our power. I encourage you to celebrate a strength of yours that serves the community around you. How do you use your uniqueness to step up to the plate for others?

Mountain Savory, a strong essential oil that shields our bodies from unwanted microbes, is excellent for the Aries warrior, protector energies. Mountain Savory is hot, but she burns out the impurities that do not serve our health.

Wishing you blessings on your journey through September,




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