Drumroll please… what’s the #1 action you can take to stop your menopause symptoms right now…?

Detoxify yourself!

Yep, it’s that simple, and that hard all rolled up in one! In a nutshell, toxins are what’re messing you up and causing the hormonal imbalances that are giving you those symptoms.

Having bothersome symptoms during menopause isn’t a given. Lots and lots of women don’t have any symptoms at all. So, what’s causing yours? It’s that your body isn’t working right. Those symptoms are your wake up call to make changes and get on a better track. (Let the record show that I had lots of symptoms, so I’m definitely not on any soapbox preaching here.) 

Those pain in your ass symptoms are one of the main reasons I love menopause and focus specifically on this demographic in my holistic health practice. It’s this beautiful time to listen to your body talking to you. You’re motivated because menopause symptoms suck! Hot flashes, brain fog, weight gain, sex issues, exhaustion, and more are commanding your attention. Seriously! They’re undeniable!

The cool part is they’re all within your control. You’re 100% in the driver’s seat.

Menopause isn’t a disease requiring medication. It’s a natural process, so what’s giving you so much grief? Toxins! Specifically the toxicity level in your body, blocking and impeding the normal function of your cells, tissues and organs. It is impossible to avoid toxins in our modern world, so we’ve all got them. It’s just to what degree. Your symptoms are telling you that your degree is too high for your normal functioning.

 What can you do? Detoxify!

Clean up your act and make some serious lifestyle sacrifices (for a while, not forever, so don’t stress out).


I like to start my clients on a cleansing program both physically and spiritually. It takes some effort and time, but when you come out on the other side, the clouds part, the angels come down, and you are a new woman – a wise woman well beyond the person you began the journey as! And, no I’m not overdramatizing here!

An excellent resource for cleansing, learning about toxicity and detoxing, and a totally doable cleanse with food is Alejandro Junger’s book Clean. I can’t recommend this book enough! 

I’ve been through it, tried everything, and researched it all.

I have landed on the solution and created an excellent program to support you and give you the tools you need to heal yourself and move beyond your plaguing symptoms. For more free tips on how to get relief from your menopause symptoms Download my Free “Get Menopause Relief NOW!” Guide.