April Astrology & Aromatherapy with Sheridan Semple


The warrior Aries New Moon jump starts April. We’ve crossed over the March Equinox point, where the Sun moved into Aries. Now the Moon comes around to join the Sun, for the Aries New Moon. Venus will join Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces bringing lots of watery Divine Feminine energy to the mix. All the visible planets are in the morning sky, ahead of the sunrise. After spending most of April in the communicative throat chakra, Venus tenderly moves into the heart chakra. We close out April with a partial solar eclipse, opening the transformational eclipse portal. Yup, lots going on this month… again.

Aries New Moon – April 1

April Fool’s Day ushers the dark of the Moon, just after midnight. Right after the Moon meets with the Aries Sun, it passes in front of Chiron. Next, the Sun does the same. Chiron is the symbolic wounded healer. We have a continued opportunity to support the healing of the Aries archetype, away from the overly aggressive, angry, self-centered, patriarchal masculine.

The Aries New Moon is touching the Chiron energy of healing our hurts. Let’s plant New Moon seeds to embrace our healthy masculine essence, with the love of protection and understanding. That might include giving its overdoing, hyperactive shadow side a well-needed break. For others, the need may be to lean into our neglected Feminine fiery aspects to bring more harmony to our internal union of the feminine and masculine

For extra credit, on April 2, Mercury, the Sun and Chiron come together exactly, adding consciousness and deepened perspective to this intentional call for healing of our dysfunctional masculine aspects and parts.

Mars and Saturn – April 4 – morning sky viewing

Mars and Saturn will be their closest in the sky this morning. Early Birds get out there and see the lineup of all the visible planets together at once in the dawn sky. From April 4 to 5, we might be able to see Mars leapfrog from one side of Saturn to the other.

Venus enters Pisces – April 5

Venus moves from Aquarian consciousness, intellectual awareness into the Pisces heart of feeling. This occurs while Venus is still in the Throat Chakra.

Where does your feminine expression get caught in your throat? How are you with expressing grief? Inspired by feeling Pisces, I’m letting the tears flow, instead of swallowing them back. Another idea for a Piscean Venus throat chakra intention is how to you talk to yourself? Do you speak with compassion and kindness? Or do you should and shame yourself, driven by an inner critic? Pisces is universal love.

Our Sacred Feminine archetype, Venus is entering the feeling realm of watery emotions and knowing. How can we support that expression within ourselves and allow others to feel their feelings with compassion?

Jupiter and Neptune come together exactly – April 12

This happens once every 13 years, but in Pisces every 166 years. Pisces is the sign most energetically congruent with Neptune and Jupiter, traditionally-speaking. That’s something to feel into, both planets in their respective guiding sign. Pisces encourages our emotional healing with unconditional love. Neptune brings us into the Love of Spirit though our hearts.

We are all so incredibly hard on ourselves. There is an intention here to feel that hurt and be guided by Neptune to trust in ourselves and our being held by Spirit. We don’t have to shame ourselves into anything. We can trust and be led by our intuition. Jupiter brightens and expands either our “shoulding” or our trusting.

Mars follows Venus into Pisces – March 14

Sacred Masculine and Feminine are now in Pisces, alongside Jupiter and Neptune. Lots and lots of watery, feeling vibes. Healing opportunities abound, along with an intention to surrender and trust that we are completely loved and held deeply in the heart of the universe.

Full Moon in Libra – April 16

Libra, an “in service to the community” sign teaches us to know who we are through the mirror reflections seen within our relationships with others. This Libra Full Moon reflects the Aries sunlight to us.  Please join me to celebrate the Libra Full Moon with Ceremony at True Nature Healing Arts on Saturday, April 16, 6-7:30 PM, in the Kiva. Come learn about the Libra Moon and Aries Sun. We’ll play with aromatherapy to support both and end with an airy Moon ceremony for Libra.

Sun enters Taurus – April 19

We say farewell to the Aries sunshine and move into Taurus season. Sitting down, we can enjoy a rest from the actional fiery time and fall into doing whatever brings us pleasure in the moment. What feels good in our bodies right now? Here is another opportunity to listen more deeply to what our intuitions are sharing with us.

Venus moves into the Heart Chakra – April 27 – morning sky viewing

Look for the waning crescent Moon near Venus this morning. The monthly Moon/Venus conjunction brings us into another chakra, on our descent into the Underworld (when Venus and the Sun meet and Venus disappears from the morning sky). This next month offers an opportunity to feel into our heart chakras and keep letting go of any energy we feel stuck or blocked in there.

New Moon in Taurus – PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE – April 30

Lovely April is bookended by New Moons, but this final one is a partial solar eclipse. Eclipse season begins, the portal opens today, with deep sensing Taurus. There is an opportunity to drop more deeply into our bodies and the physical realm where we feel, see, smell, taste, touch, and hear the world around us. What feels good to those sensory nerve endings? How intimate can we become with our bodies, listening to our senses as guides?

May this eclipse portal between Taurus and Scorpio bring us into listening to our inner voices, desires and feelings more and more. This on the eve of Beltane and the expressions of spring blossoming forth.

Happy Eclipse portal to you! See you in May for the closing of the portal with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio.



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