A big month astrologically rounds out 2020. No surprise there. The Moon continues it’s monthly cycle around the zodiac, illuminating and bringing energy and focus to all the celestial players: the Big 3 (Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto conjunction), Chiron and Mars in Aries, Venus on her descent to the underworld, Uranus, Neptune, Mercury and last but, of course, not least the Sun. The Big 3 are in their final month together – hallelujah! Saturn, then Jupiter, move into Aquarius, breaking up the Big 3 domination in Capricorn, a culture building sign. Saturn’s challenge to our dysfunctional societal systems, begging for a major emotional healing through Pluto’s underworld chaos, juiced on Jupiter’s steroids is coming to a close this month and January.

It’s been a year with a once in a lifetime call to do intense shadow work, right here in the middle world of Saturn and Jupiter. That’s the “real” world where we all live. Have you left any stone unturned in your work? As we move to the winter solstice, the darkest day of the year, I encourage us both to rise to this year’s intentions to the best of our abilities. Then, let’s round out 2020 by planting seeds in this fertile ground, at the winter solstice, that will grow into the change we all want and our world desperately needs. 

Key Dates

November 30 Full Moon thru December 14 New Moon

The lunar eclipse on yesterday’s Gemini Full Moon opened a sacred portal that lasts until the solar eclipse during the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 14. This portal’s energies are dominated by the in service to spirit signs of Gemini and Sagittarius. Take these two weeks to tune in, ask and listen to what this portal has to show you. Gemini serves spirit through contradictions, duality and playful mischief that force us out of our comfortable boxes. Sagittarius serves spirit through an exploratory quest to find the meaning and truth of life to teach us. How do those energies resonate with you and what could this eclipse portal have to teach you about yourself and your service to spirit? Essential oils like Spikenard and Myrrh support our seeing into other realms, seeing through the threshold.

December 7 – Last Quarter Moon – Morning Sky Viewing

One of the key tenets of Shamanic Astrology is communing with the sky – the astronomy, not just the astrology. Following the Moon through it’s monthly cycle is an excellent place to start. Today, the Moon and Sun are 90 degrees apart, square to each other, creating the visual half Moon. It’s a great morning to view the beautiful last quarter Moon, on it’s journey to the start of the cycle at the New Moon. At sunrise you can see it at the zenith (it’s highest point in the sky) and throughout the morning as it moves into the west.

December 12

Venus and the Moon come into conjunction (close to each other) signaling Venus traveling down through the next chakra gate. The earliest myth ever recorded was the story of Venus’ path through the sky, told through the Goddess Inanna. After Venus rises in the morning sky, she begins a slow descent through the 7 chakras to the underworld. Each chakra gate occurs at the Venus/Moon conjunctions. Today, we move into the second chakra, opening a month to clear out whatever prevents the fullest empowerment of our sacral chakras. The second chakra is known at the seat of the self and deals with issues around sensuality, creativity, sexuality and self-expression. 

December 13-15 – Day Sky Viewing

On the heels of the Venus chakra gate opening, we move into the solar eclipse window for the New Moon on the 14th. The Sun and Moon come together in Sagittarius for the New Moon, just hours after the Moon conjuncts Mercury. The Moon and Mercury are hidden in the glare of the Sun, signifying a time of connecting to the source of our light, the Sun. The solar eclipse on the New Moon is a supercharged time for setting intentions and gathering your last bits of information from this season’s eclipse portal. Use some Laurel Leaf essential oil to help you find your Sagittarian truth.

Chiron in Aries goes direct on the 15th and the wounded healer begins moving forward from our earthly perspective again. There is movement now and we can take action from our retrograde introspection in healing Aries, to stop the fight to keep the patriarchy firmly entrenched.

It’s quite the 3 days, so take advantage of it and connect with the sky, your guides, meditate and do ceremony. Join my free live New Moon ceremonial class by clicking here. Look at the Sun sometime today and know the Moon is there, nestled in it’s warm embrace, with Mercury.

December 16-17

Both Saturn and the Moon move into Aquarius on the 16. The Moon passes by Pluto and then conjuncts Jupiter, both in Capricorn, just before it moves into Aquarius and conjuncts Saturn. That’s a lot! Saturn is the first of the Big 3 to move out of Capricorn into Aquarius, thus shifting the energy away from Capricorn. The Big 3 will still be together until early January, but we’re nearing the end of this powerful 2020 conjunction that hasn’t happened for 800 years. Moving into Aquarius changes up the energy big time! It moves from a societal systems focus to an exploration of the structure of consciousness itself. It will be interesting to see what this change of intent feels like and brings. Aquarian essential oils such as White Pine Cone or Sandalwood help us connect into our sixth and seventh chakras and our collective consciousness.

December 19

Jupiter follows Saturn into Aquarius, expanding the cosmic consciousness focus. Aquarius provides the eagle’s detached view from above that sees the bigger picture. I’m hoping this shift into Aquarius provides some space from the intensity of 2020 and provides us with some perspective on what we’ve been going through. I’d love to see us incorporate the deep healing 2020 has intended for us to do merge into our collective consciousness and thoughts where it can serve us all – equally. Mercury lines up with the Sun today as well. Air is getting a boost today, a download from the source of life in the conscious and mental realms.

December 21 – Winter Solstice and Yule – Evening Sky Viewing

HUGE day! The Sun moves into Capricorn (still with Mercury close by) signaling the December Solstice. Set your new year intentions, plant seeds in the dark hibernating soil, that is rich with nutrients from our composting with Pluto all year. It is the first quarter moon in Aries. Go outside at night to speak your intentions to the Moon. Do ceremony at sunset, the shortest day of the year, to welcome the returning of the light. Birch and Frankincense essential oils are excellent for Capricorn. Frankincense has been revered spiritually for thousands of years at this time of the year.

AND, Saturn and Jupiter are exactly conjunct in Aquarius for the first time in over 600 years. It’s a major day! This is expansion (Jupiter) meets contraction (Saturn) in one of the most expansive signs of Aquarius, on the winter solstice no less. This sets up the big planetary theme of 2021, in Aquarius. Look for Saturn and Jupiter to be joined in the night sky, looking like one planet instead of two. If you’ve been following these two planets in the night sky for months, you’ve seen them get closer and closer leading up to this incredible conjunction. Look out for Mars too, to the east of Jupiter and Saturn. 

December 22-24

The Moon goes by Chiron and then Mars in Aries, illuminating this ongoing theme of healing the wounds of Aries, healing the wounds of patriarchy, fighting for the sake of the fight instead of protecting the community.

December 29 – Full Moon in Cancer – Evening Sky Viewing

We finish 2020 and December with a Full Moon in nurturing, open-hearted, unconditionally loving, safe Cancer. Phew! We’ve earned it! Do ceremony, release what doesn’t serve you in fostering your authentic self, and for the love of 2020 do something to nurture and nourish yourself! I love using Pinion Pine or Magnolia Blossom essential oils for Cancer.

December Spiritual Aromatherapy

As we go into the final month of 2020 and the Big 3 alignment, continue to use essences that ground and support your continued transformation, such as Black Spruce and Black Pine. Patchouli helps you call back parts of yourself you’ve abandoned or hidden for survival. Frankincense is an excellent essential oil for the winter solstice. There’s a reason it’s such a sacred plant brought to the birth of Christ. As the Aquarius energy comes online, you can shift to essences that support that expansiveness such as Pinion or White Pine Cone essential oils, as well as Sandalwood. It’s time to shift towards the sky, the cosmos themselves in our consciousness. These essences help you do that. You can shop for these and other essential oils by clicking here.


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