February Sky Viewing

  • Feb 5 – Full Moon
  • Feb 22 – Moon, Venus and Jupiter together in the evening sky
  • Feb 26 – Moon and near the Pleiades, on the edge of the Lakota sacred hoop, in the evening sky
  • Feb 27 – Moon with Mars

Imbolc – Feb 2-5

February brings the Celtic celebration of Imbolc. This marks the halfway point between the December Solstice and the March Equinox. We start to feel the returning light and notice the days are indeed getting longer. Imbolc is translated as “in the belly of the mother” because the seeds are germinating in the ground. It is a celebration of fertility and renewal of life.

The common time to celebrate is February 2, but astrologically, this cross-quarter holi-day occurs when the Sun reaches 15° of Aquarius – the exact midpoint between 0° Capricorn (December Solstice) and 0° Aries (March Equinox). That is on February 3 this year.

Aquarius is considered a fixed sign. All the cross-quarter holidays (Imbolc, Beltane, Llamas and Samhain) occur in the four fixed signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio respectively. These four archetypes mark when the seasons are really “fixed” in, when we are in the thick of each season’s fullest expression.

Goddess traditions, honoring the divine feminine, mark these cross-quarter celebrations at the full Moon, following the Sun’s entrance into one of the fixed signs. For Imbolc, in the northern hemisphere, this occurs on the Leo full Moon on February 5. These customs look at the Solstices and Equinoxes as masculine solar holidays and the cross-quarters as feminine lunar holidays.

White Pinecone essential oil helps us bring in more light through our pineal glands. Pinecones look like the pineal gland and have long been revered for bringing spirit into our bodies. The Vatican has a pinecone statue in its courtyard, symbolizing this seed-bearing cone as a connection to life and light. It’s also the shape of the papal tiara. The cones carry the seeds, which are germinating “in the belly of the earth” for Imbolc.

Leo Full Moon – Feb 5

The Sun in Aquarius lights up the Leo full Moon and brings Imbolc as a lunar celebration. The Leo and Aquarius axis is lit up between the opposition of the Moon and Sun. Leo teaches us we are the divine incarnate and encourages radiant self-love. Aquarius flies into the cosmos themselves where we tune into the consciousness of the universe. Use this full Moon as a time to celebrate YOU! Love on yourself with the awareness gained from a truly cosmic perspective.

Ylang Ylang elicits feelings of self-love, healing and opens our hearts. Juniper brings us into alignment with the knowledge carried deep in this ancient tree. These are two excellent essences to support this full Moon.

Mercury conjunct Pluto – Feb 10

Our mental planet meets up with underworld Pluto. There is an offering here to look under the hood and bring more awareness into areas of our lives we use so much energy to keep hidden. Lift the rock up and just feel what is there. Facing our emotional bodies brings freedom and energy to consciously apply towards our life paths. Mercury enters Aquarius on the 11th, further adding electricity to this deepening conscious awareness.

Vetiver and Ylang Ylang are helpful guides through underworld experiences. They both gently assist us to stay with our feelings.

Venus meets with Neptune – Feb 15

Our divine feminine planet, our Yin expressions, meets with visionary Neptune, in Pisces. How do we tune into our hearts and receive the unconditional love at the core of the universe?

Blue Tansy is a beautiful essence to bring us into our hearts and deeper into merging with the love of Spirit. Tansy is associated with Venus and with speaking our truths out of divine love – all Venus, Neptune and Pisces qualities.

Sun enters Pisces – Feb 18

The Sun shifts from cosmic conscious Aquarius into cosmic love Pisces, lighting up the Pisces slice of the sky. Pisces is water, focused on the feeling realm. It is empathic with all sentient beings, feeling everyone’s emotional states. The superpower of Pisces is merging with the divine and feeling into the heart of Spirit itself.

Along with Blue Tansy above, Cypress is a heart-feeling essence for Pisces. Cypress helps us to feel and heal from our grief, an important part of Pisces contribution.

Pisces New Moon – Feb 19

Following the Sun, we have the Pisces new Moon. It is the beginning of the Moon cycle once again. Time to set your intention in ceremony while in the heart of the Sun and Moon with the love of Spirit. This is an especially potent new Moon to set intentions that manifest into your everyday reality, as Saturn is with this new Moon and Sun. Venus enters Aries today as well, bringing fierce mission and purpose into your goals. Power new Moon!

Join me for a Pisces New Moon Ceremony, Monday, February 20, 3-4 PM, where we’ll dive into more of what these energies mean, play with astrological aromatherapy, and set our Moon intentions in community. You can learn more about it and register here. 

Venus and the Moon meet at the Solar Plexus Chakra – Feb 22

Each month when the waxing crescent Moon meets with Venus, in the west after sunset, we move into a new chakra to focus on for the month. Following the oldest written myth we have, from ancient Sumer on cuneiform tablets, we recreate the journey of the Goddess Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, aka Venus in the sky, as she travels back out of the underworld and passes through seven gates reclaiming her vestments at each one. This Moon and Venus meeting symbolizes our movement into the solar plexus chakra. What intention would you like to set for this month that calls your power back into your solar plexus chakra? Themes of authority and will live in this chakra.

Cistus, a gorgeous Mediterranean flower, creates this yummy solar plexus yellow essential oil. Cistus helps us reclaim our power, heal our wounds and increases our spiritual and emotional immunity. Cistus is known as the queen of the immune system.

Waxing Half Moon in Gemini – Feb 27

Use the bright intelligence and mental prowess of Gemini to continue building upon your new Moon intentions. The waxing half-moon is the time to put action towards your intention, to manifest and create it into existence. The growing light of the Moon supports this action and creation.

 Our native Colorado Douglas Fir is one of my favorite essences for Gemini. It’s not even a real fir, very Gemini trickster energies. Plus, it’s cones have a little “mousetail” entering the cone, playful, and friendly. This tree is filled with Gemini let’s party energy and vibes.

Blessings on your journey through February,

Sheridan Semple




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