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June is packed with astrological happenings! Two major planets go retrograde, Pluto moves back into Capricorn, and it’s officially summer with the Solstice. There’s so much going on. Let’s jump right in!

June Sky Viewing

  • Morning sky – Jupiter and Saturn
  • Evening sky – Venus (she is incredibly bright!) and Mars
  • June 10 – Moon with Saturn in the morning sky
  • June 14 – Moon with Jupiter in the morning sky
  • June 21 – Moon with Venus – on the Solstice!
  • June 22 – Moon with Mars

Sagittarius Full Moon – June 3

The full Moon in Sagittarius, opposite the Gemini Sun, leads us into June. This full Moon brings an expansive energy. It is a time to celebrate something wonderful about yourself. Do ceremony and give yourself a love pat on the back. Just be you. There is an emphasis on releasing something at the full Moon, but I say just party – Sun in Gemini style. Sagittarius and Gemini invite us to lighten up, play, have fun, seek adventure just for the enjoyment of it. Sagittarius wants to explore the deeper truths of life. It’s on a spiritual quest. Let the spotlight of the full Moon take you deeper into your spiritual truths.

Eucalyptus Blue Gum is a beautiful essence that helps us to clear away misperceptions and see and speak the truth, so very Sagittarius.

Venus enters Leo – June 5

This is a big deal because Venus is going to stay in Leo until October. Venus, on average, travels through a sign every three to four weeks. Now, she’s staying in Leo for over four months. The importance of this has many levels. For starters, she completes this Capricorn cycle in Leo, does her retrograde cycle in Leo, and starts her new Leo cycle… well… in LEO! This is a lot of creative, divine, self-love Leo energy for us to take advantage of. The divine feminine expression in our solar system is offering us an opportunity to take a long, long look into how we create, how we align with our intuition, and how much we love ourselves. Buckle up because in August we head into an entirely new 19-month long Venus cycle with this overtone, or meta-goddess, of Leo. More to come on this as August approaches.

For more advanced astrology lovers, right after Venus enters Leo, she opposes Pluto, foreshadowing the transformative power of this Leo cycle to come. Pluto asks us to compost that which no longer serves us so we can step into a more empowered place. Leo asks us what stands in the way of our divinity and radiant self-love.

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful Leo essential oil that opens our hearts more fully. She mends our hearts and helps us to traverse the healing that needs to take place to live from our hearts.

Last quarter Moon with Saturn in morning sky – June 10

The beautiful waning half Moon will join up with Saturn in the early morning sky. It’s always powerful to see the Moon highlight one of the planets of our solar system. The waning Moon invites us to look over the past month and our previous new Moon intention. It is the time to begin the process of reflection and revision as we move nearer to the next new Moon. Saturn teaches through restriction, bringing the box in tighter, so the things we’ve been letting slide are no longer tenable anymore. It’s time to let go and grow. These two energies dovetail nicely together, advancing us towards the Gemini new Moon in a week.

Yarrow – a local flower – is lovely for these Pisces Moon and Saturn energies. She encourages us to heal in her beautiful blue colored essence. Yes, those white and pink flowers make a blue essential oil. Blue essences are healing, anti-inflammatory, and soothing to the soul.

Pluto reenters Capricorn – June 11

Retrograde Pluto finishes its brief stint in Aquarius and reenters Capricorn for the rest of this year. We’re not done yet composting all those structures that are majorly not working for society. How do we follow the advice of the circle of grandmothers (Capricorn) whose focus is on the generations to come? Pluto asks us to all clean house in order to contribute our power to the transformations that desperately need to occur.

Moon near Jupiter – June 14

Check out the crescent Moon with Jupiter in the early morning sky.

Gemini New Moon AND Saturn Retrogrades – June 17

Saturn turns backwards or retrogrades, retracing its steps through the sky on the same day of our Gemini new Moon. Fun and playful Gemini is boxed in by Saturn stillness. Nonetheless, this new Moon is an invitation to set an intention for the moon-th. How can we get ourselves out of the boxes we put ourselves in with the help of Gemini and Saturn?

Douglas Fir – a local tree – is one of my favorites for Gemini. It is the ultimate trickster tree, as it isn’t even a real fir. Plus, it encourages play and fun. It’s a “friendly fir” (yet not a fir). See what I mean?

If you’re in the Aspen or Carbondale, Colorado area, join me at True Nature Healing Arts for a Gemini New Moon Ceremony, Thursday, June 15, 6-7:30 PM. We’ll learn more about all the new Moon energies, play with astrological aromatherapy for Gemini, set our new Moon intentions in ceremony. You can learn more about it and register here.  I’d love to see you! 

June Solstice and Venus enters the Crown Chakra – June 21

It’s summer! The Sun enters Cancer and summer officially starts here in the northern hemisphere. In our lifetimes, the Sun reaches Cancer in an area of the sky where we look out of our galaxy, known as galactic edge. The June solstice can only happen here every 26,000 years, so it is a very big deal! We move into nurturing and nourishing Cancer season. Yay! Simultaneously, the waning crescent Moon meets up with Venus, in the evening sky. This monthly conjunction signals movement through one of the chakras, following the oldest written myth we have about the Venus cycle. The crown chakra is the focus for this month, offering us an opportunity to reclaim and deepen our spiritual connections, where we literally leave our galaxy from. That’s some powerful juice for this solstice and chakra gate!

Magnolia Blossom is a beautiful nurturing Cancer essence. She reminds us to take care of ourselves with grace and floral love, wrapped in her large, velvety petal embrace.

Moon and Mars together – June 22

Venus and Mars are drawing closer together every night. The Moon met with Venus last night and now tonight, Mars. Watch these two planets come together over the summer. Venus is the feminine and Mars the masculine, coming together for more yin and yang unity.

Waxing Half Moon – June 26

Time to check in with our new Moon intentions from a week ago. Where are we at with them? The waxing half Moon brings an inspiring energy that encourages us into more action around our intentions.

Neptune goes Retrograde and Mercury cazimi with the Sun – June 30

We close out June with Neptune going retrograde, retracing its swim throughout the Piscean waters. There is so much heart-healing love available to us while Neptune moves through Pisces. Neptune and Pisces both bring us the ability to merge into the universal Love of Spirit. Retrogrades propose a time to focus on this energy more intently. Mercury cazimi means it is exactly with the Sun, in the underworld, acting as a guide through those watery depths that Neptune wants us to navigate to feel the Love of the Universe.

Ocean Pine is incredible for helping us move through our watery depths.


Blessings on your journey through June,





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