June is a fabulous month for sky viewing opportunities. If you’re seeking your Junior Astronomy Badge (like me) the morning sky offers many special alignments this month. Mercury goes direct right to get us started. We might even get to see the elusive messenger of the gods in the morning sky, along with all the other visible planets. Special indeed! Saturn goes retrograde. Mars meets up with change agent Uranus, then healer Chiron. We cap off the month with the June Solstice, Venus moving into the Sacral Chakra, and the Cancer New Moon. 

Mercury goes Direct – June 3

Poor misunderstood Mercury retrograde gets a break when this messenger planet goes direct in Taurus. This year the Mercury cycles are start in earth signs, offering an opportunity for a more grounded approach to our thinking, perceptions and communication. Taurus is the sign of sensual pleasure and beauty. I suggest we kick off this Taurean Mercury cycle with some enjoyable activities. Lounge in the pleasure of your mind. Try using some tree essential oils, such as our local Douglas Fir to support you with this Mercury cycle.

Mercury will station direct near the Pleiades, where many indigenous cultures say they originally came from. It seems like there is an incarnation-type of opportunity here as well, bringing something into life in the physical realm.

Saturn goes Retrograde – June 4

Saturn will retrace its path and head back towards the goat fish (or Capricorn) constellation. That’s all a retrograde really is, astronomically speaking. The planet goes back over the part of the sky from which it just came. It’s a time to look back, dive deeper into the mysteries and teachings of that planet. In this case, Saturn asks us what is working in our lives and what needs letting go? Cedarwood Atlas is an excellent essence for this Saturn retrograde period. It helps us keep our feet on the ground while we’re expanding and growing.

Moon near Regulus – June 6 – Evening Sky Viewing

The Moon will help us spot Regulus, one of the four royal stars of ancient Mesopotamia, tonight. These stars were, probably still are, the guardians of the sky. Regulus is in the Lion (or Leo) constellation. Mugwort is associated with Regulus, so you may want to use this essence. Regulus is right at my ascendant, so Mugwort is a great essence for me to use to connect into this energy rising within me.

Waxing Half Moon – June 7

After setting our New Moon intentions on May 30th, the waxing half Moon is growing larger on its journey to its monthly opposition with the Sun, aka the Full Moon. This is a great time to check in with your New Moon intention. Are you taking action to support your intention coming to fruition? Are you seeing the leaves begin to unfurl from the seed you planted at the New Moon? This is how we live and create with the energetic cycles around us.

Mercury in Morning Sky – June 10

Start looking for Mercury in the morning sky, making all the visible planets, well visible. It may take several days for Mercury to get far enough above the horizon to shine outside of the Sun’s brightness. The higher your view, looking down onto the eastern horizon, the sooner you’ll get a peek.

Look for the Moon near Spica, the shaft of wheat or ear of corn star, in the Priestess (or Virgo) constellation in the evening too.

Mars and Uranus meet – June 11

Mars, our sacred masculine planet, catches up to Uranus. Uranus is known as a change agent, but also a planet of consciousness. This meeting offers a chance to bring more consciousness and awareness into our masculine expressions. The masculine is trying to heal itself. We see that around us in more awareness around the patriarchy. Conversely, we see this in the grasping desperation of many to hold onto something that is changing as well. Change scares us, so let this conjunction allow us who desire the change to support our healthy masculine expressions within. We will only see change outside when we change inside. I suggest Red Pine essential oil to help us tune into our masculine sides.

Mercury enters Gemini – June 13

Happy at home in its resonate sign, Mercury in Gemini encourages us to be creative and play. Don’t take life or ourselves so seriously. Consciously get out of our boxes. Keep looking in the early morning sky for Mercury and the rest of the visible planets: Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Keep using that Douglas Fir from above. This is a tree I love for Gemini because it is a trickster in that it isn’t even a real fir.

Full Moon out of Bounds – June 14

The Sagittarius Full Moon is out of the bounds of the Sun’s path. It will dip so low in the sky, that it nears the center of our galaxy. The Sun can never do that. Sagittarius is the sign of spiritual questing and exploring. Use this Full Moon to vision what you most want to explore spiritually. Throw some Laurel Leaf for truth seeking into your Full Moon celebrations.

Check in again with your New Moon intention and change course if you’re not liking the flower that has bloomed from the seed you planted at the New Moon.

Mars meets up with Chiron – June 15

More opportunity for healing our masculine selves. We must keep doing this all-important work to bring the masculine and feminine back into greater harmony with each other. This is the sacred work of our lifetimes. Vetiver helps us transverse the underworld healing realm of Chiron.

Venus squares Retrograde Saturn – June 18

Look to see this in the early morning sky. If you do, you’ll be looking at what a square is! They’ll be 90 degrees from each other. This is a call for action, in the world, within the Sacred Feminine. We’ve been activating our masculine this month and now we focus on our feminine sides. What action needs to be taken to support your feminine within? A clue is the sign your Venus sign is in. Geranium and Rose are beautiful essences to help you tune into your Sacred Feminine.

June Solstice – June 21

The Sun reaches Galactic Edge, where we look through the Milky Way beyond our galaxy, at 0 degrees Cancer, marking the June Solstice – summer for us in the northern hemisphere. Yay! The Sun will be in the sky for the longest amount of time today. It will rise at its furthest point north of east and set at its furthest point north of west, again for us in the northern hemisphere. It’s the exact opposite for those in the southern hemisphere. Celebrate! Do ceremony and set an intention for this season. Go outside and mark where the Sun rises or sets for you. Then, watch as the Sun moves south towards due east where it will rise or set on the Equinoxes. Bath yourself in Blue Chamomile to nourish your Soul.

Venus enters the Sacral Chakra – June 26

The waning crescent Moon meets with Venus in the morning sky, signifying our continued journey downward through the chakras. We are following the most ancient astronomical story of Inanna from Sumer. As we move into the Sacral Chakra, set an intention to release any blockages to your creative center. Look for this conjunction in the early morning sky, near the Pleiades. Tangerine and Orange Petitgrain are both powerful Sacral Chakra essential oils. Rub on your lower belly and let joy guide your creativity.

If you’re in the Carbondale, Colorado area, join me for a Cancer New Moon Ceremony, at True Nature Healing Arts, today June 26, 6-7:30 PM. You can learn more about it here.

New Moon in Cancer – June 28

We finish June with the Cancer New Moon. The Sun just entered Cancer, signaling the Solstice and now the Moon joins the Sun, in the darkness of the New Moon. Set an intention for this Moon cycle, one that encourages nurturing and nourishing yourself more. It’s summer, so love on yourself in the yummy summer sunshine and warmth. I hope you’ll consider joining me for a special Cancer New Moon Ceremony, see above. Take another bath in Blue Chamomile!

Happy June and Solstice to you!


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