We start with the New Moon in the wee hours (I’ve been watching Outlander) of Saturday the 13th, with lots of planetary action – Neptune and Venus. Mercury enters Pisces, adding to the current line up in the watery, empathic, healer archetype. Some excellent night sky viewing opportunities abound. Venus and the Sun come into an exact conjunction, in the Aries Underworld. And… we have the SPRING EQUINOX!!! ? All before the next Full Moon.

March 13 – New Moon in Pisces

The Moon passes by Venus, then Neptune on its way to the Sun for the New Moon at 3:21 AM MST, Saturday. Venus and Neptune are conjunct that night. That’s a lot of activation around Pisces and Neptune (Pisces resonate planet). It’s a Pisces-palooza! Friday through Sunday are great days to do a ceremony and set an intention for this Moon cycle. You can Join my Online New Moon Ceremony Here. It’s tonight.

Pisces is a dreamy energy, merging with the Sacred. It’s the empathic healer who loves us all equally. Pisces’ compassion makes us feel safe to face our challenging emotions and let them out, so we too can connect with our own Divinity. Pisces is a beautiful, emotional, deeply feeling sign. Neptune resonates with this Piscean energy of the Sun, Moon and Venus and encourages us to feel life from the inside, from the place where our true guidance lives, from Spirit incarnated within our hearts. Dream the dream you want to live. Let your New Moon intention be a step towards your ultimate vision. It’s a powerful New Moon!

To round this out the Moon moves on to Chiron on the 14th in Aries, further inspiring our healing of our wounds that Pisces made safe for us to feel. Aries calls for action, so don’t just feel the wound, do something to release it within Pisces safe haven.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back too!

March 15

Mercury enters Pisces adding to this oceanic line up of Neptune, Sun and Venus. Our linear thinking mind is enveloped in watery waves of feelings and emotions. Be ok with not having to know it all – this is my current lesson big time! Trust your inner knowing and be guided by that.

March 18 & 19 Evening Sky Viewing

The Moon will be near the Pleiades and then Mars – all around the Sacred Hoop in the sky (see picture). According to various cultures, including the Lakota, this is where Souls enter the earth. Pretty cool! It’s a big giant ring around Orion. Check it out as you can see it really well in the winter sky.

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March 20 – Spring Equinox!!!

The Sun enters fiery Aries at 3:37 AM MST and that signals Ostara, the Spring Equinox. Look for the Sun to rise directly in the East and set due West.  Interestingly, at that moment Aquarius is the ascending energy, so there’s a nod to the Aquarian theme of 2021. Let’s celebrate the start of spring!! Definitely a day for ceremony, to let Spirit know you are in tune with the changing season. It’s time for new beginnings. Check in with your Winter Solstice new year intentions and see where you’re at – does anything need rewriting to help you on your intended path?

March 21

Still fresh in the Equinox energies, Venus follows the Sun into Aries. Venus started her 19-month journey in Gemini, but is now in Aries. Mars began his 2 year + cycle in Aries, and is now in Gemini. They’ve reversed from their starting places to each other. I find this especially interesting. The Gemini Venus cycle is helping us move beyond the polarity of patriarchy. Simultaneously, the Aries Mars cycle is encouraging us to heal the stereotypical aggressive male energy of patriarchy.

Now, each of these planets is in the sign the other started in. Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini. I see this as a merging of their intentions. The Sacred Feminine is bringing her healing touch to the hyper-warrior-ized masculine, while the Sacred Masculine is bringing action to the union of the polarity. Yay! Go Venus and Mars! Help us honor equality within our sacred diversity!

March 22 Evening Sky Viewing

Keep watching Mars in the night sky. He’ll be near Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull constellation – still in the Sacred Hoop pictured above.

March 25/26

The Sun and Venus come into their exact conjunction (come together) in the Aries Underworld. Venus is getting her maximum download from the Universe beyond the Sun and the Sun’s rays are transmitting this knowledge to us. Venus is completely hidden behind the Sun from our view. It’s another potent time to acknowledge and co-create with the energies. Take advantage of the download and go look at the Sun (with your eyes closed, of course) and allow your third eye and pineal gland to receive the Light of our Universe through the Light of our solar system, our Sun. What does the Divine Feminine have to share just with you?

Look for the Moon to be near Regulus, the heart of the Lion constellation – more  royal, heart-based Light transmissions!

March 28 Full Moon in Libra

Next time… 

Spiritual Aromatherapy for the New Moon to Full Moon 

Where to start?!? There’s so much going on! Let’s start with all the Pisces. Blue Chamomile is like a Pisces love hug in a bottle, soothing all your tender spots. Red Pine grounds us in the strength of the Aries fire, connecting us to the earth and sky of the Spring Equinox. Spikenard, an essential oil made from the root, that grows at the top of the world in the Himalayas, is perfect for the downloads coming from Venus and the Sun meeting. You can shop for these and other essential oils by clicking here.


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