Buckle up, March is a massive month astrologically! Phew! Huge stuff is going down or up as the case may be. Both Saturn and Pluto change signs. We move into the heart chakra with Venus. Mars moves into mothering Cancer. There is a lot of shifting, changing energy this month.

March Sky Viewing

  • Feb 28 – March 2 – Watch Venus approach, nearly touch, and pass by Jupiter.
  • March 5 & 6 – look for the Moon near the royal star Regulus, the heart of the lion constellation throughout the night of the 5th into the early morning of the 6th
  • March 7 – Full Moon
  • March 22 – the Moon meets with Jupiter in the evening sky.
  • March 23 & 24 – See the Moon approach and pass by Venus in the evening sky.
  • March 27 & 28 – See the Moon approach and pass by Mars in the evening sky.

Saturn moves in Pisces on the Virgo Full Moon March 7

This full Moon in Virgo is a doozy with Saturn moving into Pisces for the first time in nearly thirty years. This Virgo Priestess Moon energy is alit by the healer and empathic Pisces sunlight. Less than an hour later, Saturn enters Pisces. Saturn is a middle world planet, focusing and impacting our “real” world lives. Saturn guides us through a contractive energy. It can feel like it is boxing us in, creating a pressure that inspires us to break free. Then, Saturn says, “You’re welcome.” We will have nearly two years of this Saturn in Pisces energy. This could be a time of deep healing that comes after we just can’t take the pressure from not healing anymore. Pisces also carries challenges of denial, illusion and fogginess. Which path will this Pisces Saturn take for you? The Full Moon is a time for celebration and ceremony, so you may want to set an intention for how you want to use this Pisces kick off.

Blue Spruce, our Colorado state tree, is wonderful for the Virgo Full Moon. Blue Spruce grounds us into the earthly priestess energies of Virgo.

Blue Chamomile is an excellent essence for the Pisces healing energies, soothing and nurturing and loving us unconditional.

Waning Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius – March 14

The waning (losing light) half Moon is the time to revise your previous New Moon intention. Are you happy with the results? Or do you need to make some adjustments as you head into this next new Moon? How do you want to change your focus for your upcoming intentional seed to plant? Let the adventurous, explorative energy of Sagittarius help you.

Spring Equinox – March 20

The Sun enters Aries, signaling the March Equinox. It’s the start of spring here in the northern hemisphere and fall in the southern. The Sun rises due east and sets due west (on a flat horizon line). This is a great time to set stones in your own personal medicine wheel, guiding your directional knowledge wherever you live. Aries energy is strong, fiery, powerful, actional. Aries is a “in service to others” sign. Once it individuates and steps into its personal strength, it wants to protect the community. It wants to fight for what is right. Singular in its focus, it is on a personal mission.

Cinnamon Bark is a fiery, strong, protective essential oil. It is one of what I like to call the anti’s – anti-microbial, protecting our bodies from outside invaders we don’t want inside us. This is a hot essence, so use with care on your sensitive skin. You may need to layer cooler, more neutral essences below and above it to protect your skin, like Aries itself.

Aries New Moon – March 21

Nipping at the heels of the Spring Equinox, the Moon immediately follows the Sun into Aries for the new Moon. Time to plant our seed of intention for this Moon cycle, fresh in the fertile Equinox soil. Is there anything that you are needing to strengthen or commit to in your life? Aries is the perfect energy to support you in this.

Join me for an Aries New Moon Ceremony, Tuesday, March 21, 3-4 PM. I’ll dive into more of what these energies mean, bring some astrological aromatherapy to support us, and guide setting our Moon intentions in community. You can learn more about it and register here.  I’ll be teaching about Clove Bud and Cinnamon Leaf essential oils for this Aries New Moon ceremony. Hope to see you! 

Pluto enters Aquarius – March 23

Slow moving Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time since 1778 – yes you read that correctly 1778! This is a BIG deal! Underworld planet Pluto helps us to transform and transmute ourselves. An alchemical player who guides us into composting that which doesn’t really serve our highest path. Pluto empowers to step more into who we are really meant to be. Moving into airy, cosmic Aquarius demonstrates an opportunity to compost what needs transforming within Aquarius, consciousness itself. The list of what needs metamorphosing within our collective consciousness is so, so long. May Pluto dipping its toe into Aquarius here help us to plant seeds that will grow over the full Aquarian Pluto cycle. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn, so there is still time to finish that work of honoring the elders and wisdom keepers before it moves into Aquarius for good.

Spikenard is an excellent essence for this transition. It is an underworld themed essence, steam distilled from the roots, but is also a cosmic celestial world plant that grows high in the Himalayas, our tallest mountains. Spikenard embodies both the underworld and celestial worlds, helping us traverse the deepest deeps and highest heights.

Venus moves into the Heart Chakra – March 24

How perfect with all this massive shifting energy, we move with the Divine Feminine planet into our heart chakras! Yay! I think this will feel soothing and nurturing. Venus is in Taurus, which is a very sensual sign, focused on pleasure and what feels good to our senses. I believe this Moon and Venus meeting (that’s what signifies our continued ascent through the chakras, this time into the heart) will act as a balm to these powerful changing energies. Yes, Saturn is in Pisces, a very unconditional love, heart-centered sign, but Pluto into Aquarius is very heady. Taurus Venus into the heart feels good and nurturing and healing. A respite from the swirl.

Rose is a beautiful essence for both Taurus, Venus and the heart chakra. It is said that one drop of Rose on the heart balances the entire chakra system. Rose is love. Rose has been associated with Venus for millennia. Every eight years Venus creates a rose pattern in the sky. Taurus wants us to stop and smell the roses, and then have our lovers rub the petals all over our bodies. Yum! Rose!

Mars moves into Cancer – March 25

The very next day, our Divine Masculine planet enters Cancer, the mother archetype of nurturing and providing nourishment for our souls to blossom into our fullest expression. More balm and soothing energy, but this time with the actional force of the Masculine. Mars has spent the last seven months in Gemini. That’s a long time for Mars. Now the Masculine moves out of the head and into the heart. That will feel good I believe, counterbalancing the move of Pluto into Aquarius for a bit.

Waxing Half Moon in Cancer – March 28

We finish off this powerful month with the first quarter Moon in Cancer. It is a time of building upon our new Moon intentions. Mars shift into Cancer supports this actional element. Tune into your new Moon intention and see what you can do to nourish that seed to help it grow and manifest into life for you.

Pinon Pine, another local tree, is a beauty for Cancer. She is a nurturing tree who provides nourishment to us and others with her nuts. She gives us shelter and grounds us into our ultimate mother, the Earth.


Blessings on your journey through March, 





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