Venus Alchemy Study Group


Let’s dive deep into Venus on your chart!

Our individual Venus sign explores which aspect of the Sacred Feminine we are learning about in this lifetime. This is the aspect of the Goddess we are stepping into the power of and embracing within ourselves. The Divine Feminine is coming back online and your Venus shows what part of that you are ultimately helping to rebirth into the world at this time.

We’ll look at your Venus sign/archetype, which Venus Cycle you were born into (your overtone or MetaGoddess), other planets interacting with your Venus (dynamic aspects with your Venus) and if time allows your current cycles and transits (meaning what’s going on for you and your Venus right now).

3 classes left – next meeting Wednesday, April 20 at 11am MST

Once you register, you’ll receive an email with the next steps. At the meeting above, we’ll set the schedule for the next class, together. This way it is guaranteed to work for you.

Note: study groups available to participants of Venus Alchemy’s current Venus Ceremonial Journey only – click here to learn more