It’s the Full Moon early Thursday morning, so look to see it in all its glory on Wednesday night. The full moon’s in Scorpio this month, which is the quintessential full moon archetype. Scorpio is all about intensity, living on the edge, and going a little crazy.  We know the full moon is the time we tend we let down our hair down anyway. Ask any ER nurse or cop. It’s an ideal pairing!

Full Moon is the perfect time to get our Scorpio on

The moon is opposite the sun at the full moon. As the sun sets in the west, the full moon rises in the east. It’s another super moon because the moon is close to the earth right now. The strength of the moon’s affect on us and the earth is intensified. Scorpio’s favorite place to be, and it particularly enjoys the power of being all lit up the by rays of the sun. Intensity is the name of the game this full moon. That might make you jump for joy or want to curl up in the fetal position. It’s all about what’s on your chart and your Soul’s path. Lots of Scorpio or Underworld themes or Pluto aspects on your chart? Then you probably just  jumped for joy.

Scorpio is the sign of the shaman that likes to travel between the worlds. It gets off on bouncing between the extremes of the Celestial world and the Underworld (kinda like the Christian heaven and hell). Being a water sign, Scorpio likes to dive into its own emotional waters and feel the deepest and most extreme feelings. It’s not afraid of swimming into the under water caves of the darkest feelings in order to release the energy tied up in suppressing our shadow sides. Utilizing that freed up energy, Scorpio then rockets to the highest highs emotionally and experiences the bliss of facing our fears and coming out the other side. Go Scorpio!

Use this full moon to support your overall goals

The full moon is a time to release what holds you back. What prevents you from being your most authentic self? What keeps you from reaching the visions you have for yourself? Use this full moon to focus on releasing just one of those blocks. Remember the new moon ritual we did a couple of weeks ago, where we planted one seed of intention? Now is the time to weed the garden and remove something that has gotten in the way of your new seedling coming to fruition. What’s something that is standing in the way of your intention being fulfilled?

A Scorpio full moon completely supports you in releasing whatever you use to hold yourself back from your fullest expression. Go for it! Take a tour in your underworld and see what you keep hidden. What do you deny within yourself that keeps you pinned down? It could be a fear that you’re not good enough, playing on a loop in your head, that makes you drink too much, or eat too much, or rage in defense too much. That overconsumption or anger keeps you from expressing who you truly are, under the fear. It definitely keeps you from fulfilling your intentions for yourself. It acts as a shade blocking the sunlight from reaching your vulnerable seedling.

What do you use to keep yourself stuck?

I invite you to spend a moment over this full moon to connect with one thing and then commit to releasing it. It doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking or eating junk or getting angry. It just means you take a few minutes to bring your awareness to what that thing is and start the process of moving away from that behavior. You could do a full moon ceremony with some candles, a journal, and a short meditation. Even better, go outside and howl what you want to let go of to the full moon. It’s that simple. Rituals are meant to bring us into greater awareness of ourselves and to use the celestial and earthly energies present to boost our intentions. Share it with a trusted friend, email me, write it out on a piece of paper and burn it. Mark your intention to take a step towards being yourself more fully. The Scorpio full moon is your best friend in supporting you to release some piece of your shadow in order to shine your most radiant light.

Essential oils for Scorpio

I really like to use Black Spruce to help me see my shadow issues more clearly. It’s a tall tree, with deep roots that penetrate the earth and help us excavate what we fear and deny. Black Spruce also supports our adrenals, so it comforts you, and calms you while you explore what scares you.

Spikenard is another Scorpio favorite of mine. Spikenard grows high in the Himalayan mountains, anywhere from 10,000 to 16,000 feet – really high. It’s steam distilled from the root, so it has this amazing underworld and celestial world energy going on simultaneously. Spikenard has been revered since ancient days to help people navigate life and death transitions and for helping one explore between the worlds – all very Scorpio. Spikenard helps you cultivate your psychic abilities and connect to your deepest knowledge through dreams. She’s a powerhouse, like Scorpio! You can find these and more essential oils at the button below.


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