Looking at all of the daily astrological happenings can feel overwhelming. What are you supposed to do with all that information each day? Does it ALL impact you and your day to day life? I’m changing up my astrological weather report formats to help you tune into key dates, but also understand the thematic soup you’re swimming in over these two weeks.

Tuning into what’s going on astrologically is simply about increasing your awareness and making connections. It helps you expand your understanding of yourself within the greater natural cycles of our earth and solar system. If we were still living like our indigenous ancestors did, we would be constantly looking at the sky and the earth to understand what energies are present inside us, reflected by nature. We’d have priestesses and medicine men interpreting the symbols seen in the sky, the land, the animals and we’d have a more conscious interaction with the energies present. We’d have a much greater understanding of our place within them. 

Theme for Sept 16-30

Continuing the theme of August’s reports, we have the Moon lighting up the Big 3: the Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter conjunction (being close together) all year. Mars continues connecting to the Big 3, in a square, while retrograde . Now, we add in Mercury, as it squares to the Big 3 as well. It’s another big couple of weeks, just like all of 2020. I know you’re all feeling it.

I’ve written about the Big 3 every blog, but let’s have a reminder what this line up is all about, knowing that the Moon, Mars and now Mercury’s interaction with these 3 amplifies the opportunity that 2020 keeps providing, like the gift that just keeps on giving whether we want it or not. 

Saturn is all about what isn’t working in our world, but also what does work too. We discover and empower what does work, or will better work, through Pluto’s underworld – the shadow world of deep intense feelings, such as fear, grief, and anger. Jupiter expands, pours steroid juice, on the whole group. We are getting a very unique opportunity to see clearly what systems are not serving us, seen in the cleaner environment due to staying at home or the antiracism movement. How we’ve been doing things hasn’t been sustainable for a long time. 

The best advice I can offer is to keep feeling what you feel, the good, bad and ugly and keep doing your own healing work. Keep turning your attention back to yourself and what you can do to create the world you want to live in. Don’t get distracted by a bunch of crazy narratives you have no control over. Do your own personal healing work, keeping an eye on the collective and we’ll get there together. 

Mercury gets in the mix, which demonstrates an intent to get our thinking, our brains, consciousness itself into the creating what works part. It won’t happen overnight, but this square gives us an opportunity to see more clearly what we want in our world. Let’s use it wisely. We see so many people using their brain power to go down these conspiracy worm holes, which do nothing to create a world that works better. They are a distraction from doing the much more difficult work of staying with our hard emotions and healing. It will be so worth it, if we can keep our focus. Mercury is here to help us out. What are your thoughts like around the world events? What are you hearing communicated to you from others? What are you speaking out about and using your voice for?

I’ve been sharing how I feel this Big 3 line up, along with Chiron in Aries shows an intent to make some changes around how patriarchy isn’t serving any of us, male or female. Mars in Aries too, further illustrates this for me. We can be warriors for an equal humanity or for a war to keep the status quo. I choose equality where we all link arms and stand together in a sustainable world that supports us all, male and female, Black and white, human, animal, plant, etc.  

Key Dates

New Moon Sept 17

It’s the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th! The Moon and Sun are together today. The New Moon is always a great time to do a ceremony to mark the start of another Moon cycle. Set an intention. Write it out and bury it in the earth for Virgo, the earth priestess sign. Or whisper your intention to a stone and cast it out onto the earth, seeing your intentional prayer carried up into the heavens to support you. Join me for my free online New Moon Ceremonial Class by clicking here.

Fall Equinox Sept 22

The Sun enters Libra, signifying the Fall Equinox (for us in the northern hemisphere). It’s that time of equal day and night. How perfect on the heels of what I just wrote about equality. This is another excellent time to do ceremony again and mark what you want to create in your world, with your people. Fall is starting and it’s all about feeling into the harvest. What have you sown over these past months that is coming to fruition now? Or what would you like to see come into maturity before we arrive at the death of winter? Libra is interested in personal relationships and learning about itself in the mirror of the other. How do we serve the community through knowing ourselves better? The four points of the year: the two solstices and two equinoxes are times to check in with yourself, ceremonially, supported by the seasonal energies of the year.

Saturn Goes Direct Sept 29

Saturn goes direct (ends its retrograde motion) and starts moving forward again. Jupiter did this in the earlier part of September. This signifies movement, as opposed to the slow moving retrograde time that provides an opportunity to take a deeper look. For some this may feel more intense, for others it will feel like a release of pent up energy. Regardless, Jupiter and Saturn are moving towards their exact alignment in December, following Jupiter and Pluto’s exact conjunction in November. Two more intense connection before we kiss 2020 goodbye… forever! 

Essential oils for the end of September

I’m going to continue recommending essences that help us stay grounded. Trees like the Cedarwoods, Firs, Spruces, Pines and Frankincense are excellent essences to use for the rest of this year. They all are grounding and all support the adrenals and help with anxiety. As we move into the Libra Fall Equinox, I suggest Rhododendron, which helps us connect with our spiritual families and Hyssop which helps us with forgiveness, both to ourselves and others. It’s been a long road this 2020, so some Libra connection to others is long called for. You can shop for these and other essential oils by clicking here.


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