Mercury just went retrograde last night and people are freaked out that everything is going to get totally screwed up. I see posts to back up your computer, don’t make any big decisions, even one that said don’t go outside. Seriously?

Mercury Retrograde – is it really that horrible?

One word – no! It’s not that big of a deal. It just requires a shift in your perspective. Then it becomes an asset at your disposal.

First off, let’s remember that nothing has changed with Mercury. It’s still moving forward in its orbit around the sun. It’s our perspective from earth that’s shifted,. Like passing a car on the highway, we’re both still moving forward, but as we overtake the other car, it appears to move backward out our window.

Second, Mercury going retrograde isn’t “doing” anything to us. This perspective shift is merely a reflection of an energy shift that we’re all going through right now. Mercury appearing to move backwards, from our earth view, is a mirror of what’s going on in our psyche. “As above, so below, as within, so without” is meant to be taken literally.

So, how’s this Mercury Retrograde stuff impacting you?

It’s not going to make your life a living hell until until March 9, when it appears to move forward again. That’s for sure! Mercury is a planet that represents our thinking processes, our communication styles, our operating systems so to speak. It’s a masculine, linear, left brain type of energy. Organized, moving in a straight line, calm, cool and collected. Mercury is very rational in it’s thoughts. When it goes retrograde, it shifts to a feminine, circular, right brain type of thinking. That’s what all the fuss is about. In our linear, take action, see results kind of society we don’t like to get into a circular, right brain kind of world. It’s uncomfortable for many of us. Of course it is! We’re not used to it!

Here’s the secret to Mercury Retrograde success…

Embrace the other, often neglected, hemisphere of your brain. Use this time as an opportunity to get all creative and feminine in your thinking and communication. Become more whole in your thinking. Strengthen your right brain muscles. Treat it like it’s a brain game helping you stave off Alzheimer’s! If you let go of being all linear and get into the challenge of your creative side, Mercury going retrograde can not only not signal the Armageddon, but can be a powerful ally instead. It’s all in the perspective shift, in how you see it, or think it as the case may be.

Is there some creative activity you’ve been putting off? Have you been neglecting your meditation and self-love practices? Are you on the hamster wheel, hammering out project after project? Have you simply been pushing too hard for too long now? Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to let go and get back to you. Take some time to reflect on how you could use this shift into your right brain to your advantage and go with it. When you focus on something that makes your heart sing, you won’t be as concerned when your computer goes on the fritz, temporarily (which can happen in Mercury retrograde too).

Bonus! Mercury is in Pisces, which adds to that watery, feminine energy. Pisces supports you in getting into that right side of your brain to create and love. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to have compassion for yourself if this change brings any challenges with it.

Essential oils to help with Mercury retrograde

I love aromatherapy to support whatever we are trying to do in our lives. Plant medicine anchors us into the earth and grounds us in the natural cycles around us. When we use essential oils regularly, they remind us of our goals and what our current focus is for our health as well as our emotional and spiritual growth.

Brain balancing essential oils such as Artemisia Vulgaris, Basils, and Junipers are all good choices. They help to ease that strain of moving from the left to the right side of our brains. If you’ve never used Artemisia Vulgaris before, she’s a sweet, flowery-smelling beauty from Nepal that’s been used there by healers for all sorts of brain disruptions for years. You can find these and more essential oils at the button below.



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