The full moon is today, in Virgo, and Mercury goes direct to boot. That means its not retrograde anymore. It’s moving forward. In fact, all the planets are moving forward now, not an everyday occurrence. All lit up by the Virgo full moon.

What does the full moon in Virgo mean?

The full moon happens when the moon and sun are opposite of each other. That’s why the moon is fully illuminated; we can see the whole surface lit by the sun’s rays. This is also why the full moon rises as the sun is setting. They are in opposite parts of the sky from our view on earth.

The sun is currently in Pisces, so the moon is in the opposite sign of Virgo. Pretty cool huh? Virgo is an earth sign. It’s all about the physical world, what we can sense, see and feel. Virgo is the spiritual earth priestess sign. She knows the cycles of the earth, the seasons, the upcoming Spring Equinox timing. It’s her sacred work to hold the ceremony that brings back the sun for spring and summer. That’s a far cry from the bad rap Virgo gets of being nit picky, critical and overly organized. Virgo isn’t here to be an accountant, she’s here to do her sacred work keeping us connected to and honoring the earth.

How to work with the Virgo full moon

The full moon is an excellent time to revisit your new moon intention. Check in and see how you’re doing with that little seed you planted a mere two weeks ago. Have you forgotten to water it? Keep it warm? Love on it? You’ve got another two weeks in this moon cycle, so let’s get that seed sprouting and growing, so you can nurture that intention to fruition.

The Virgo full moon supports you in seeing more clearly your patterns and how you keep yourself from moving forward towards your intention and goals. It helps you understand, on a very physical level, what you’re doing and not doing to help yourself. The moon lights up whatever is going on more fully, so take a moment to touch base with the choices you’re making that either support what you want to create in your life or don’t. I’m not saying it’s easy to change habits, but for Virgo it’s her sacred work to create the right pattern in your life that supports your fullest expression of yourself in communion with your Soul’s intent for being here. No small undertaking.

Are you living the life that supports your intent for coming here this lifetime? If not, what can you do to start moving in that direction?

Mercury moves forward again today too

Mercury retrograde is officially over. I can hear your sigh of relief! Mercury retrograde, like Virgo, get a bad rap, but it’s moving forward again brings most of us back into our comfort zone… our left brains, where we can analyze, think linearly, and count on communication moving in a straight line again. Virgo is a left brain sign as well, so all left brain stuff going on today. Phew!

In fact, all the planets are moving forward now. Nothing is in retrograde. That’s usually signals a full steam ahead time. This can feel good to get lots of stuff done and be super productive. Our society loves production! It can also get a bit exhausting, especially if we can have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Use that Virgo awareness to make sure you’re moving forward at a pace that still supports your body. And, of course, still keeps an eye and some love on your new moon intention sprout growing. That’s how we change habits and move forward towards our goals, one moon cycle of successfully executed intentions at a time.

Use the full moon today to double down on what it is you want to create in your life. You don’t have to be perfect, just take a small step, like going for a walk, or not eating the entire chocolate bar, or taking 15 minutes to work on your book, etc.

Essential oils that support the Virgo full moon (and Mercury too)

Aromatherapy gives us a daily opportunity to consciously connect to what we are trying to do with our lives. It’s a sensual reminder of our intentions. Plant spirit medicine ups your vibration to support you in getting to the place you see yourself. It connects you to the earth through the plants the essential oils come from. Virgo shows us that being in communion with the earth is sacred and essential for not only our intentions and desires but for our very survival.

The essences I like for Virgo are just about any and all of them. Remember, she is the earth priestess so her connection is to all the plants and trees. If I have to pick two, I’m going with Blue Spruce and Sage True. Both are super earthy and smell divine, like they are plugged right into Spirit. Blue Spruce’s roots grow deep into the earth and the essential oil is very grounding. It lives for a long time, so sees all the patterns and cycles of the world with wisdom and perspective. It’s also good for the throat chakra and communication, very Mercury going direct. It also supports the respiratory system, which is obviously on most of our minds right now.

Sage True many people aren’t aware of as an essential oil. Clary Sage gets all the attention. Sage True is garden sage, the one we use in food. That makes it a “kitchen herb” meaning it supports digestion. It’s a hormonal balancer, like her sister Clary, but has this earthy scent. Sages are all know for spiritual support, helping us to clear our energy and reconnect to Spirit. Perfect for the Virgo full moon and clearing out anything we’re doing that doesn’t support our intentions. Sage True is also good for the throat, so we’ve got the Mercury support bonus thrown in here too. You can find these and more essential oils at the button below.

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