The first questions I get when I say I’m a Shamanic Astrologer is, “What is Shamanic Astrology? What makes it shamanic? Do you use plant medicine?” I had the same questions when I first heard about it too.

What is Shamanic Astrology?

In a nutshell, it’s all about looking to the sky, the Cosmos, to understand what’s going on within us. It means having a direct intimate experience with the Universe. It’s about being able to look at the night sky and know what’s going on inside ourselves. 

Shamanic Astrology concerns itself with taking astrology back to it’s roots. Imagine you are one of your indigenous ancestors watching the Sun set (you know, back before TV) seeing Venus appear in the evening sky. It’s near the Scorpion constellation, low on the horizon. This signifies late fall as you feel the chill of winter coming in the air. You sense the Scorpio energy around you, demonstrated by the Earth going through Her autumnal cycle of death leading into winter. You worship Venus for the Goddess that she is and know that when She is in the evening sky, it signifies the wisdom expression of the Goddess, the crone. You feel this expression within yourself and honor your own deep feminine wisdom and also that of Mother Earth’s moving into winter. You feel gratitude for your deep connection to the cycles around you and how they teach and show you who you are. You’re excited because you know the winter solstice is soon and you can’t wait to celebrate the darkness that you know brings back the light. Can you imagine the sense of connection you’d feel to yourself, the Earth and the Cosmos? That’s what Shamanic Astrology is all about!

Shamanic Astrology’s founder Daniel Giamario was instructed during a vision quest to begin following in the footsteps of astrology’s very creators, the many indigenous peoples, who spent their time outside at night watching, learning and communing with the stars and planets. Anyone can look at a computer program and learn Venus is in Sagittarius, but a Shamanic Astrologer knows where Venus is in the sky and what that means for us. Shamanic Astrology is about developing a personal connection to our solar system. Seeing with the naked eye what’s transpiring “out there” is a true reflection of what’s happening for us “down here”. That intuitive learning direct from the Cosmos, is where the term Shamanic comes in. We don’t claim to be shamans, but we do commune with the natural world both here on the earth and in the sky, in an effort to understand and learn.  

Shamanic Astrology lives by the ancient principle, “as above, so below, as within, so without.” taking that precept literally. We don’t believe Jupiter is doing anything to us. Instead, where Jupiter is in the sky and the sign it’s in reflects what’s happening for all of us. The planets are simply mirrors showing us the energy we are all experiencing right now. Just like your birth chart shows us the energy you were born into, providing important clues to what you came here to do.

Shamanic Astrology sees your birth chart as your Soul’s road map for this lifetime.

Pretty cool, huh? I do Shamanic Astrology readings to help you understand your Soul’s intent for this life. Once you know that, I support you in beginning to work with your purpose consciously in your life. There are no right or wrong, good or bad paths, signs or parts of the chart. There is no judgement. In fact one of Shamanic Astrology’s main goals is to remove judgement from astrology. You won’t hear me say, “Oh… your Moon is in Virgo… bummer. That’s a rough one.” Your birth chart is the map of what you’ve come here to do and learn about in this life. Each and every path is valued equally. There is only respect for your Soul’s journey. It serves a very important purpose for you! The impetus behind Shamanic Astrology is to help you first know your unique purpose and then navigate that as consciously as possible.

Shamanic Astrology is not about predictions, but is instead a way to look at the cycles of life you are experiencing, to understand the lessons you are facing. One could call it the initiation cycles you’re going through. The goal is to provide encouragement and counselling in how you can best navigate those cycles. Some cycles are easy and expansive. Some are challenging and require you to go deep inside to find answers and solutions. They all serve your Soul’s evolution – the ultimate purpose of our lives. How that intent expresses, what cycles you experience, and how you move through them is what is unique and individual to you. 


Does Shamanic Astrology use plant medicine?

 For most Shamanic Astrologers, it doesn’t, but for me as a certified Medicinal Aromatherapist it does! One of my passions is helping you to evolve in your purpose through your connection to the Earth through plant medicine. I know the daily use of spiritual grade essential oils raises your vibration, aligning your better and better to your original life intent. These daily sensual reminders help you to stay focused on your path and encourage you to keep doing your work consciously to help you heal and become more whole. The plants guide you to do what your Soul has come here to do.

Shamanic Astrology was founded by Daniel in the 1970’s and is an evolving approach to astrology that is experiential. It involves regular participation with what is seen through the naked eye in the sky, as well as through ceremonial practices. The sole intent of Shamanic Astrology is to help us all live a more conscious and fulfilling life through the deep knowledge and understanding of why we are here.

You can get your own personal reading by clicking the button above. Let’s discover what the Cosmos reveal about your life intent at the moment of your birth. It’s a life-changing experience! It’s so empowering to finally know what you’re here to do and learn and then put your energy there. It opened up a whole new way of being in the world for me that validated what I knew to be true for myself as well as helped me to filter through the endless options of what I worried I “should” be doing. Should is out; Yes is in!

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