Let’s continue… last week I mentioned the three components of holistic health: physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual. Basically all the areas of our lives fit into one or more of these categories. I wrote how emotional patterns ultimately underlie all our health issues, and I stand by that as the foundation for what ails us. This week let’s dive into the next component: spiritual – as this is mostly informed by our emotional patterns, or beliefs if you will.  If you missed last week’s health blog post you can read it here.

Right about now, I imagine all the agnostics are totally poo pooing this notion of spirituality having anything to do with our health, be it good health or illness, but bear with me for a moment longer. By spirituality, I don’t mean God or religion necessarily, although it can include that for some people, but really I’m talking about being connected to something greater than our little ole selves.

It doesn’t matter what that bigger connection looks like for you, but it needs to be there… somehow, some way. For some, that means going to church or temple and having a strong connection to God. For others,  belonging to an organized religion isn’t going to get the job done. Where I live, many people worship at the feet of the great outdoors, the mountains and nature. Other people have a meditation or chanting practice. Some just see that greater connection in the love of their children. Like, I said, it doesn’t matter how you get there, you just have to get to that connecting to something greater than just yourself. It’s really key to true health.

Focusing on these components of holistic health is a huge part of why I love essential oils, and why I use them in my practice with clients. They work on all three areas. They work on the physical level by fighting microbes, supporting your immune system, and oxygenating your cells. They also help the physical (and emotional and spiritual) by boosting your vibration or frequency. The healthy human body averages about 62-68 MHz. Disease vibrates at a lower frequency, like a cold or flu at 58 MHz or candida at 55 MHz. (Data taken from Dr. Marcy Foley’s research.) Did you know rose essential oil has been clocked in at a whopping 320 MHz!  That’s one of the highest frequencies or any natural substance. Essential oils create an environment where microbes can’t survive.

Vibration a big part of how healing occurs. When we’re sick the vibration of our body literally drops, and we need to get it back up to feel better. This can be a little dip, such as to 58 MHz from a cold, or a big dip from a serious disease. That’s why using essential oils consistently and frequently at the start of a cold can get you healthy again more quickly. When you use Eucalyptus True or Fir Douglas essential oils they raise your frequency. Then an hour or so later, the bugs drop your vibration back down, so you use the oils again to bring your vibration back up. Doing this dance right at the start of a cold, hitting it hard so to speak from the outset, can get you back to maintaining your normal vibration much more quickly, aka feeling not sick anymore! Of course, as we learned last week, adding in some emotional work will facilitate the healing process even faster and really get you better for much longer and keep the colds at bay.

Essential oils work on the emotional level too. They can literally go into the cell and begin releasing stored emotions. That’s why you often have an emotional detox along with a physical detox. Essential oils will bring up your issues, in order to bring them into your awareness to be resolved and healed. Pretty cool huh? Raising your vibration illuminates the stuff that’s not in alignment with that higher vibration. That’s all the negative emotions, patterns, and yucky stuff we hold on to by not thinking badly about ourselves. At the end of the day, isn’t that all what emotional patterning come down to anyway? The places we bought into negative beliefs about ourselves and who we really are? Well, essential oils will bring your awareness to those places, to help you heal them and express more of who you really are. Gosh, I love them for that!

Lastly, essential oils work on a spiritual level as well. Simply, they connect you back to the plants and trees from which they came. They literally connect you back to the Earth, which is definitely bigger than us! Getting connected to the Earth through your healing process makes a huge impact on not only your health but the health of our whole planet. Specific essential oils help to open your chakras, such as the white conifers like White Pine, Spruce, and Fir open crown chakra, which means they can help with all brain stuff too. The blue essential oils like Blue Spruce or Blue Chamomile support your throat chakra, and by extension help your thyroid and sore throats. Some essential oils ground you, especially ones distilled from the roots like Vetiver or Spikenard. And, some help you to love yourself more like all Lavenders and Lavandins. How healing is that?!?

Holistic care comes down to healing on all three levels. It’s not just about food, work or your stress levels. To heal ourselves we have to look at each area of our lives and heal everything. I know that can feel like a daunting task! Holistic healthcare is a process, not a destination, so take in what you can and work on what you have in front of you today. You’ll get there!