Jupiter with Pluto are still really, really close, expanding Pluto’s underworld learning for us. The exact conjunction started on the 12th, but they stay pretty tight until the 20th. Pluto is a planet that shows a specific intent within its initiatory experience. We’ve been in that initiation cycle, with Saturn since January and Jupiter since March. Remember March? Thanks Big 3, for demonstrating in the sky our HUGE intent to evolve throughout 2020! Jupiter being conjunct Pluto adds an expansion to the Pluto intent, intensifying the initiation cycle. We’ve definitely all been feeling that in so many ways, worldwide.

Pluto being part of our 2020 Big 3 demonstrates our intention to grow through feelings of disempowerment, lack of control and chaos. When we’re going through a Pluto cycle, either collectively like now, or personally on your individual birth chart. transformation is the intent, with empowerment at the end. This underworld evolution doesn’t come easily though. We don’t live in a culture that respects the underworld. We are scared of it. We deny it. We bury it away, out of our consciousness, in the shadows of our shame. Our ancestors knew about and honored these underworld transformations. They were a vital part of the cycle of life. You must have death to get rebirth and winter to get spring.

Foreign as the underworld is to us, it’s still a part of life, whether we are conscious of it or not. Pluto cycles offer us an opportunity to grow and become more empowered in who we are and why we’re here. The underworld is where the juice of life lies, where the power resides. By confronting our shadow, our internal scary places, we become more whole. We free up the energy it takes to deny “shameful” parts of ourselves to use for our full expression. It’s by embracing all aspects of ourselves that find true peace and freedom.

Pluto cycles are the antidote to pride and hubris. We see that all over the place. We’re freaking out that we have to make sacrifices now, give up some independence for the greater good. People are so upset they’re subscribing by the droves to crazy conspiracy theories that distract them with rage and fury and embolden them to not make any sacrifices. Distraction is the antidote to doing our shadow work. On the flip side, we’re seeing how the sacrifices benefit the earth. Many have found themselves again in the forced down time, resting from the constant overdoing. We’re reflect on what matters to us most and reprioritizing. 

Pluto asks us to feel all our feelings, experience our totality, even the yucky stuff (especially the yucky stuff) like fear, rage and sorrow in order to regenerate and transform. As Saturn and Jupiter slowly begin to move away from Pluto, as the Big 3 comes to a close in January, do you feel like you’ve evolved through this process? Do you feel like you’ve milked the intent of 2020 for all its worth?

Key Dates

November 16

Venus squares Jupiter, just after squaring Pluto on the New Moon of the 15th. Cue the Divine Feminine! The Goddess comes into a dynamic relationship with the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. As I’ve said all year, the Big 3, for me, is all about a continued move away from the patriarchal system that isn’t serving any of us. The system of the white male god, like Santa Claus in the sky, has done so much damage. It states one race is superior all others, and one sex, and one species. We are literally hurling towards our demise in the name of upholding an outdated system that hurts us all.

Venus communing with Jupiter and Pluto is yet another opportunity to look at this structure. It shows how the tide is turning towards equality for all sentient beings. It’s not a fast shift. It took thousands of years for us to get here, so don’t expect rapid change. But, notice the signs all around, in both the screaming noise to uphold patriarchy and in Antiracism being a political platform of the election. Feel it in our growing need to connect more deeply with the earth and our spirituality. The pendulum is already swinging and can’t be stopped.

November 19 & 20 Evening Sky Viewing

Venus squares Saturn, which is what I just wrote about continued. Saturn is the systems and structures planet.  It shows our intent to get rid of the old and broken and usher in the new and sustainable, especially around Capricorn (where the Big 3 has been taking place). Capricorn is the Native American concept of the Circle of Grandmothers, who know what we need to do to be sustainable for hundreds of years to come. 

The Moon passes by the Big 3 over these two days, adding extra energy and juice to this collective intent. Go outside at night and look at the Moon close to Jupiter and Saturn and share your prayers of intent to the night sky.

November 21

It’s the first quarter Moon (half Moon) as it waxes towards full.

Many planets change archetypes today too! The Sun enters Sagittarius, taking us on a spiritual quest for universal truths and leading us into the December Solstice. Venus enters juicy Scorpio, the shamanic Goddess, ready to feel our most intense feelings and continue our cultivating our life force energy through our shadow explorations. Scorpio and Pluto are resonate energies. Finally, the Moon enters watery, healing Pisces, allowing for compassion and empathy for ourselves and hopefully others.

November 23

That Pisces Moon conjuncts Neptune, its resonate energy, and brings more activation to our dreaming world where we connect with celestial Spirit and Love.

November 24 & 25

The Moon enters Aries and conjuncts the wounded healer Chiron, spending years exploring and healing the wounds of the Aries patriarchal energy of warring and fighting for all that’s wrong, valuing independence and self will above all else. The Moon then passes by Mars, further illuminating this same intent of growing and evolving the Divine Masculine into its true power and healthiest expression

November 26

The Moon squares the Big 3 on Thanksgiving Day. Killing off and enslaving indigenous peoples is a horrific system in desperate need of ending. Give thanks for the indigenous people whose land you live on now. Some people have begun paying rent monthly to the people whose land they live on now. The Moon then enters Taurus which is all about enjoying the pleasures our body provides us. Thanksgiving meals with those we hold closest right now, is a perfect Taurean endeavor.

November 28

Neptune goes direct, ending its retrograde cycle. 

November 30 Full Moon in Gemini

Get out of your box and howl at the Moon! Sing your prayers outside of letting go of whatever keeps you separate, in your head, and in a polarity mindset. Gemini likes to play and be creative in service to the consciousness of Spirit. It’s also a lunar eclipse, the first of two. Eclipses are times of transformation, intensifying the predominant 2020 energy and the spirit of autumn. What’s your transformation intention? Do a little ceremony to let Spirit know you mean it. 

Spiritual Aromatherapy for the end of November

Use essences that support your transformation and regeneration such as Black Spruce and Black Pine. They make it safe for you to journey into your shadow for healing and freedom. Patchouli and Vetiver help empowerment through underworld initiations, plus they support the fall energy as well. Geranium is excellent for transitions and regeneration, and is a Divine Feminine scent and plant for a bonus. You can shop for these and other essential oils by clicking here.


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