January is all about Venus and the Sacred Feminine. Venus ends one year and a half long cycle and begins the next. Capricorn is the archetype of the new cycle, infusing the Divine Feminine with the deep spiritual knowledge of our wise-woman energy. Venus moves from the evening sky into the morning sky after a powerful transmutation with the Sun. The Cancer Full Moon illuminates the nurturing aspect of the Feminine on January 17.

Venus heads into the metamorphic underworld with the New Moon – January 2

After eight potent months, Venus leaves the evening sky. Our beloved Sacred Feminine joins with the Sun, passing quickly between us. This is referred to as the metamorphic underworld phase of the Venus cycle. She ends the Gemini cycle, transforming, under the beams of the Sun’s Light, into her new Goddess expression – Capricorn. Venus begins a new 19-month journey, infusing the Feminine with the wisdom of the Circle of Grandmothers, those sage, elder women who teach us from their vast knowledge and experience.

Both the Moon and Venus disappear today. It’s now the Capricorn New Moon. This powerful alignment begs transformation, inspiring us to find the sage within. No matter our sex or gender identification, we all carry the Sacred Feminine within. Lean into her and use this culmination of energy to set your intentions for the New Year and the new Moon cycle. Join my online New Moon Ceremony! Sunday, January 2, 1 PM MST

Venus reborn and Mercury retrograde – January 14

Look for the reborn Venus Goddess to awaken the morning sky, ahead of the sunrise. This heralds the beginning of the new Venus cycle. If you’re up early, look for Venus before daybreak. Share with her how you are infusing the Divine Feminine with your own wisdom.

Mercury goes retrograde today as well. Not to be feared, Mercury retrograde gives us an opportunity to step into the right side of our brains, into the creative and cyclical understanding of the natural world. Mercury is in Capricorn too, so there is a lot of juice in the wisdom-keeper energies.

Full Moon in Cancer – January 17

The Feminine has many expressions, and this January highlights the Capricorn wise, crone energy with the New Moon, Venus and Mercury. Now at the Full Moon, the opposite, resonate energy of Cancer lights up this axis. Cancer expresses the healthy mother archetype, who nurtures her seeds. She loves us unconditionally. Allow this Full Moon to encourage you to nurture and care for yourself and those around you. If you’re here in the Aspen valley area, join my in person Full Moon Ceremony on Sunday, January 16, 6-7:30 PM, at True Nature Healing Arts.

Nodes change signs and Sun into Aquarius – January 18 & 19

The North and South Node move into Taurus and Scorpio respectively. This is a directional shift from the mind into the body, requesting a healing of our shadow by going into and coming out of the depths. As the Sun moves into Aquarius, our Light shines with cosmic consciousness and awareness. Allow the Aquarian infused Light to help you practice mindfulness, in both your daily actions and stillness.

Moon, Venus and Mars Conjunction – January 29

The waning crescent Moon meets up with Venus and Mars in the morning sky. This is a compelling union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. Feel into this profound alliance within you, cradled by the wise sign of Capricorn

This union of the crescent Moon and Venus signifies Venus moving into the crown chakra, on her descent into the underworld. Use the coming month to commune with your crown chakra and release any distortions that block your fullest expression.

Blue Spruce Essential Oil

From our Colorado state tree, is an excellent essence to support all this Capricorn energy. Trees are the sentinels of our natural world. They are the wisdom-keepers. Using Blue Spruce essential oil brings us into the higher vibration that this tree carries and into the spirit of the sage-ness she has to teach us.



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