The astrological action starts with the Libra Full Moon, right near Chiron and Venus, just a couple of hours after Venus passes by Chiron. That’s some major Aries juice! Mercury joins the Aries lineup. The Moon does its monthly dance around all the planets and constellations. And, Mercury and Mars play around with Uranus.

March 28 – Full Moon in Libra

The Sun is in Aries, along with Chiron and Venus, so that puts the Full Moon in the opposite sign of Libra. The Householder or In Service to the Culture and Community signs are getting lit up. Aries serves the culture by being the protector, all in on its mission and purpose. Libra serves the community by being in personal relationships and connecting with others. I’m guessing the pandemic has been especially difficult for Librans. 

Right before the exact Full Moon, Venus passes by Chiron, then the Moon goes opposite Chiron and Venus. The Sun conjuncts Chiron early on the 29th too. This is a potent ceremonial time to let go of anything that holds you back from your ultimate feminine wild woman self! Heal that s#8t blocking your radiant light! 

Also, Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, so we’ve still got some watery consciousness we can dream into. This should definitely help the above process by allowing our minds to be in our hearts while we take action around healing the Sacred Feminine and Masculine aspects of Aries.

Look for the Full Moon in the Priestess (aka Virgo) constellation, near the star Spica. ⇓⇓⇓ 

shamanic astrology

On a personal note, Chiron begins squaring my Cancer Sun today too, so I’ll be continuing my extended Chiron initiation cycle that started a couple of years ago. It has been a time of healing my core wounds and using that elixir as my medicine. Now this will be happening around my Sun, the Light I shine into the world. Expect to see some shininess coming your way from me! Knowing the cycles I’m in helps me work with them consciously. That’s very empowering! I’ll be setting some intentions for this cycle in my Full Moon ceremony too!

April 3 & 4 – Morning Sky Viewing

Mercury leaves Pisces and enters the Aries line up. We have the Sun, Venus, Chiron and now Mercury in Aries. That is a lot of Aries action-oriented fire going on. It could feel really great as we move more into spring and want to get moving after a winter’s rest, after a pandemic’s homebound isolation. It can also burn us up. Check in and see are you putting all that energy towards actions you want to be taking or “should” be taking. Skip the “shoulds” and it “should” all feel invigorating. Mindful that Venus is still in the Underworld with Mercury on her heels. Use some of that energy to keep shining a light in your shadowy, hidden places. 

Look for the waning Half Moon in the morning sky, when the Moon is square the Sun, as well as Venus today. The waning Half Moon signals the time to go inward and flush out any last intention fulfillment before we head into another New Moon cycle.

April 6 & & Morning Sky Viewing

The Moon will be near Saturn and then Jupiter at dawn, so all you early birds check that out in the sky before the Sun rises.

April 9

Mercury passes by Chiron and then enters the Underworld (gets within 10-15 degrees of the Sun). Mercury is the psychopomp who leads Souls into and out of the Underworld. Yay, someone to guide us and hold our hands through these final weeks of Venus in the Underworld. Hopefully, we can get some real clarity and then release of the next layer of our onions that need peeling back. 

Mars squares Neptune today as well, so there’s a bit a tension between the Sacred Masculine and his more feeling side. For the love of men we need to encourage and love on our feeling and healing men!

April 11 – New Moon in Aries

Let’s dive into what Aries is all about and do some sacred, intention-setting ceremony together! Join my online New Moon Ceremony Here.

Spiritual Aromatherapy for the Full Moon to New Moon 

Lots of Aries action, so I’m recommending Red Pine for grounding and strength, along with some 1st chakra love. We still have some Pisces energy happening, so let’s continue using Blue Chamomile to gently make it ok to feel and heel. Vetiver is another kind soul who helps us walk through our Underworld healing, holding our hands. You can shop for these and other essential oils by clicking here.


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