It’s the new moon on Sunday in Pisces. I love the new moon because it’s a time to hit the reset button. You get to start over and come up with a new plan, at least for the upcoming moon cycle.

New moon is the time to set an intention

The moon travels with the sun at the new moon. That’s why you don’t see it at night for a few days, from the last crescent until the new crescent. For ancient peoples this was a time of renewal and signified the beginning of the moon cycle – lasting from new moon to new moon. It’s the time where seeds were planted.

Where I am it’s way too cold to plant literal seeds, but you can use the same energy to plant the seed of your intention. Notice I am using the singular here, one seed, one intention. It’s not a time to set every intention you’ve ever had for everything in your whole entire life. We humans can get carried away, as if this is the last time we’ll ever set an intention. Whoa, that’s a lot of pressure people. Pick one thing you’d like to work on and see sprout by the end this moon cycle, this month, these 29.5 days.

Use the new moon to support your overall goals

Remember New Year’s Eve about six weeks ago? Less than two months and all those resolutions are statistically out the window by now. Guess what? The new moon can help! I like to set my yearly intentions at the Winter Solstice, kind of like the new moon of the yearly cycle. Then each new moon, I reconnect to those larger intentions and pick one, yes one, aspect of those larger goals to focus on during this month. It’s a great barometer of we’re I’m at, as well as a reminder of where I want to be heading. Plus, by biting off one manageable chunk at a time, I actually move towards those goals instead of letting those well meant resolutions go up in a puff of smoke.

How it works… I write out or imagine one intention, one seed I wish to plant. Next I create a little ceremony around it. Doesn’t have to be complicated or require a shaman and a vision quest. Just a few minutes will get the job done. Grab a candle and burn the words or bury the paper in a plant or sing your intention to the wind – whatever you feel drawn to do. Pick something that sounds fun and go for it. You can’t do it wrong! The key is to bring your awareness into the cycles of the natural world going on around you and connect to this moon cycle in a conscious way. That’s it, no high priestess required.

New moon is Pisces – what’s that mean?

Since the new moon is always traveling with the sun, it’s always in the same sign as the sun. Neat huh? If you’re a Pisces then this new moon is with your sun. Pisces is a water sign, interested in feelings and emotions. Pisces is an in service to spirit sign, meaning everything it does is in dedication to spirit. Pisces does this through helping everyone heal themselves emotionally. That’s their gift. They’re the empaths who hold the space for the rest of us to express our grief so we can heal ourselves thereby healing us all.

This Pisces new moon is an excellent time to express that grief, let go of the emotions that hold you back from showing up as your most awesome self. You could use your intention setting for this. What’s one thing you could work on letting go that holds you back from being fully you? From attaining your goals? Is it sorrow over a loved one? Sadness at the state of affairs in the world? Grief that you haven’t been taking care of yourself? What’s one tangible step you could take this month to begin shifting this pattern? There’s your intention! Since Pisces is a water sign, for my intention-setting ceremony, I like to grab a glass of water and speak my intention into the water and then drink it. It’s really that easy!

Lastly, is Pisces a major player on your birth chart? By this I mean do you have your moon, sun or Venus in Pisces, for example? If so, this could be a particularly potent new moon for you. You could be feeling the energy more deeply because this new moon is infusing your own personal Piscean journey and learning this month. Use that to your advantage!

Essential oils that support the Pisces new moon

You know I love aromatherapy to support whatever you’re dealing with in your life. Setting intentions incorporating plant medicine anchors you into the earth and the cycles of nature surrounding you. Basically, it ups the ante. Use them in your ceremony and throughout the month to remind you of your intention on a daily basis. Plus, spiritual grade essential oils raise your vibration to support you in reaching your goals and clearing out the lower vibration junk standing in your way.

The essences I like for Pisces are Rue and Yarrow. Rue is the cutest plant. It’s leaves remind me of frog’s feet. It smells lovely and helps you release grief. It’s warming and holds you in a safe space to let go of the stuffed sadness that holds you back from being your fullest expression. Yarrow, a local Aspen plant, is this beautiful dark blue color, despite the essential oil being distilled from white flowers. It’s an earthy, flowery smell that helps you express your words, supports your throat chakra, and loves on you like Pisces does. You can find these and more essential oils at the button below.


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